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Oct 19, 2008 09:09 AM

Mississauga Hole-in-the-walls?

I just learned of Wally's, which isnt really a hole-in-the-wall, but you know what I mean. Yeah, I heard Wally's has great steak sandwiches.. I'm looking for the sort. When I see Mississauga, I really just see a city with big box/chain stores, with no personality whatsoever. Change my way of thinking, please!!! (Or I'm looking too much towards Heartland and Square 1..)

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  1. Hmm, I've been to Wally's a few times and never had anything good there really.. You can get way better food on all accounts from a similar hole in the wall type place called The Fire Pit (Hurontario & Brittania).. exact same type of place as Wally's.. Same cooks have been there for the last 7 years I've been going so they definitely know what they are doing. Oh and don't forget Zet's Diner near the Airport for 24/7 souvlaki or steaks

    Best Falafels are from a *true* hole in the wall, called Falafel Garden on Kennedy in Brampton (I know, not Mississauga... But its worth the short drive)

    For shawarma's there is the original Pita Nutsy and Osmow's just next door, both are pretty good but quite different from eachother..these are in Streetsville.. there is also Tarboosh on Confederation drive and Amasi... all 4 of these fit the 'hole in the wall' description I guess

    Great greek food and deli sandwiches (bigger than your head) check out Peter's on Eglinton... they definitely have a steak sandwich I'm sure also

    Other steak sandwiches .. California Sandwiches at dixie & the 401 , San Francesco at Winston Churchill & the 403 , Charley's Steakery inside Sq1

    I hear a really good new Teriyaki place just opened at Winston Churchill & the 401, it's called Mizuki... don't take my word for it though, haven't tried it personally... looks like a small place

    Portuguese rotisserie or grilled chicken there is Marios BBQ around Hurontario & Dundas.. although I personally like the places in Brampton better (Nova Esperanca, Lisboa, and Martins BBQ.. nova & martins are definitely holes in the wall).. Other good chicken/ribs/pulled pork, definite hole in the wall: Lykn Chicken.. I forget what street its on, Somewhere on Derry road I think, its near the Mississauga/Malton border

    Best custard tart's are from the Lisboa Bakery at Mavis & Twain

    Burrito Boyz is a tiny little shack in Mississauga at Hurontario & Lakeshore, but the ultimate mexcian food is from El Sombrero, a tiny "hole in the wall" family owned place... You will thank me ! It's at Hurontario & Brittania

    I'll think of some more and write back

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      In Port Credit, on Lakeshore, there's Souvlaki Hut. Not exactly a hole in the wall, but it's spotless and the food is great and well-priced. Excellent souvlaki and gyros.

      1. re: tjr

        That place is really good yeah, forgot about that one

        It is expensive though, not cheap

        However they always throw in some free Honey Sticks for dessert when i go

        1. re: duckdown

          I never said it was cheap (it is well-priced for the amount and quality of the food you get), but it certainly isn't expensive.

      2. re: duckdown

        Is Burrito Boyz the same as the one in downtown Toronto then??

        1. re: jennjen18

          I'd imagine so, though I've never asked. It's pretty bad.

        2. re: duckdown

          Oh, and how does Marios BBQ compare with Barraida (Hurontario and Burnhamthorpe, I think?)?

          1. re: jennjen18

            Better than Barraida, which has been very dry the last few times I've had it

        3. Try Town and Country Market at Fairview+Hurontario--just behind the Shell Service station. Superb Middle Eastern grocery with a nice selection of take-out and cooked-to-order Lebanese food. Great tooth-rotting pastries swimming in honey and syrup, too. Virtually hidden from view on busy Hurontario, its a real gem. Lots of parking behind. Steady flow of take-out lunch orders.
          There's also the little strip mall that opened last year just west of the Mavis+Britannia Canadian Tire on the south side of Britannia. Some OK Vietnamese and Indian joint tucked in there.

          Noodle Wok at Mavis+Burhamthorpe is also quick and reliable.

          1. You have to look to the little strip malls--mom & pop type places can't afford Square One rent. Every neighbourhood has one... you'd be surprised what you find.

            Nova - Great Portuguese bakery at Cawthra & Burnhamthorpe. There is also a pretty good churrasqueira in this plaza.
            Aurora Meat & Cheese - Great meat/cheese place, also has take out food. Dixie & Burnhamthorpe
            Tofu place (forget what it's called... the sign says TOFU) - fresh tofu, soymilk, lots of great desserty things for takeout. In the Chinese centre on Dundas just west of Tomken
            Montfort - shawarmas & the like. Dundas & Hwy 10, also at Bristol & Hwy 10.
            WOW - A true hole in the wall for Korean food. Dundas & Hwy 10.

            Actually, if you just wander around the Dundas & Hwy 10 area, you will find no shortage of hole in the wall type places to eat. There is a tiny mall there called Newin Centre whose food court is incredibly diverse (The other thing funny about this place is that half the stores in it are hair salons). Lots of different types of food around here. Whether not any of it is good is another thing--I haven't tried it all myself--but it's definitely not all chains and big boxes in 'Ssauga.