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Can I freeze Shrimp Bisque?

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I'm wondering if the additional chunks of shrimp that I put in it will turn to goop when I defrost it in the microwave. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  1. Well, I wouldn't try it, but hopefully we'll hear from somebody who's tried it, for better or worse.

    1. Rather than mw, can you reheat in a small pot? Or is this for the office. If so, what I'd do is reheat like I suggested and bring it with me that way. Besides the microwave doesn't warm,or thaw all that evenly, your shrimp could get rubbery.

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        Do you think it would be okay if I defrosted overnight in the fridge and then heated in a pot? I'm just trying to stock the freezer with lots of different kinds of soups. So far, lentil, mushroom, and chicken have worked perfectly.

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          Actually, no matter where you thaw it is fine, it is the reheating that will matter the most, Gently warm, no bringing the soup to a boil.

      2. Sure; you can buy it frozen on the web. Yes, it would be best to thaw overnight in the fridge so the shrimp heat evenly.