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Oct 19, 2008 08:41 AM

What's the difference between a "Chowhound" and a "Foodie" ??

I am retalively new to this board (and I LOVE that I found it!!). I saw a post recently and the person said, "Don't forget we are chowhounds not foodies". Can someone elaborate on this?? Just for interest sake. Thanks!

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  1. Chowhound is just someone that visits the forum

    I'm not sure what that statement is supposed to mean, because to me, all Chowhounds are foodies

    Maybe they mean "we're more than just foodies, we're chowhounds".. as in not only foodies but we go the extra mile to chat about it online


    1. I think that the term refers to people willing to go out of their way to sniff out good Chow. So although surely all Chowhounds are foodies, all foodies are not Chowhounds.

      1. It stems from the chowhound manifesto that Jim Leff wrote back when the site was founded:

        These are not hard, etched in stone definitions, but very useful and economical shorthands to remind people that we shouldn't only eat at places that others tell us are good, not matter how reliable the information. Instead, we should also actively find *new* places with delicious food by (1) trying places that are unknown, and (2) by applying critical and independent thinking to assess these places.

        Actively finding new delicious food with an independent and critical eye is essential.

        The boards serve as a very useful forum for this purpose. One person can't try all the dishes at all the restaurants multiple times, but thousands of people can. Thus we can divide and conquer, to try new unknown places multiple, independent times, so that we would all have a very detailed and rigorous picture of the food quality. With the large amount of data, we can each come up with independent opinions about a place based on our own tastes, so that we can optimise our own eating experience. This is important because different people have different tastes, so we're all responsible for our own delicious experience.

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        1. re: limster

          Heh. Nice description. When I read that my imagination got away from me and I could hear a hound's triumphant and excited baying as it closed in on it's prey. Awoooooooo!

          1. re: limster

            Wow, that was a great answer!! Makes a lot of sense. Thank you!

          2. Chowhounds slash their way to undiscovered food gems in all corners of the planet, through mosquitos, mud, ice, and predatory critters. Foodies follow behind them in Gucci shoes.
            Also, "chowhound" is a very difficult play to make in a Scrabble game (although possible). "foodie" is child's play.

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            1. re: Veggo

              Yes, all that and more! Yes folks, there's more! Sometimes you have to risk your life being a Chowhound. Sketchy neighborhoods, cars zooming by within inches of you; just to get a lingua taco. Chowhounders risk poisoning on the off chance that this dive might be the new El Dorado. Foodies wait till they read about it in the Times Food Section.
              Yes, foodie is shorter and easier to say. Veggo says "your shorter" a lot.
              As a passionate Chowhound, I try and make converts of Foodies. This has its risks as well. I was doing just that the other day and had to run out the back door when the guy in the Guccis came home early.

            2. All Chowhounds are internet savvy. Some foodies are not.
              Here is the formula
              foodie + internet = Chowhound

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              1. re: GodfatherofLunch

                Not necesarily. Foodie + internet can also equal Yelp. Yelp is not Chowhound.

                1. re: Mr Taster

                  Someone has to add new venues to yelp . . . Must be the chowhounds, right? :-P