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Oct 19, 2008 08:01 AM

Santa Ana area


I am short on time... Was thinking of going to Marche Moderne but I looked at their menu again and they don't have salmon and I love salmon... so I have to do another search.

It's really going to be his night because it's his birthday... and he is an easy eater yet very picky.

Any suggestions? I am looking for something a bit special... out of the ordinary with great food and environment.

I need to make a reservation for this coming Sunday.

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  1. I'd go ahead and go to Marche Moderne and forfeit the salmon this time. Maybe the finer restaurants won't have salmon on their menu right now because they called off the fishing season this year for Chinook (King) salmon that was supposed to start in May. You may find farm raised or something since salmon is very popular, like Chardonnay. But, would you want that?

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      Thanks KCgirl: I just called them and made reservation. :)

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        Another good place in Santa Ana (for another good time) - though not open on Sunday night - for a great dinner with super ambience and a fun place is Ambrosia;
        801 N. Main St. Santa Ana
        (It's inside of the OC Pavillion theater)

        A lounge singer sometimes walks around the tables. If you're like me, you will ask your wait staff to keep your table private from them. Nice to hear, but don't want table interruptions sometimes.

        I think you might rate Ambrosia in the category of Marche Moderne (Contemporary French) and Napa Rose, though its a little more rustic (?) if that's the word.

    2. Marche Moderne lists an Ocean Trout which to my understanding is very salmon like.