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Oct 19, 2008 07:15 AM

restaurants in the Poconos

Help...we have owned a vacay home in the Poconos near Jack Frost, Big Boulder and Lake Harmony for the past 4 years. We have yet to find a decent restaurant in this area. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. If you have been going to the area for four years, I probably cannot suggest anything new for you. We stay in Blakeslee once or twice a year on our way back to the Philly area. We have always felt the Blakeslee Inn is the best in the area, though, when we stopped in August, they were closed on Wednesdays. We ate at Shenanigan's which was, at best, adequate. Murphy's Loft has served decent sandwiches at lunch and we have always had a good breakfast at Piggy's in Lake Harmony. What kind of standard are you setting for decent? One time we ate at Louie's Prime (though not recent enough to recommend) and had very good steaks. In Pocono Lake there is the Edelweis for German food. Just finding a German restaurant anywhere is newsworthy. We find that for staying overnight, the Blakeslee area tops most of the other areas where we might stop. There is a good selection of restaurants within a reasonable drive. On previous posts, folks have suggested other restaurants that sound good, too, and which we intend to try on future stops.

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      Thanks for your reply. Have eaten at Piggy's which is good. Ate at Terra Cottage across the street which was highly recommended and it was awful - like really bad County Club food. We ate at Nick's Lake House Which also owns Shenanigans and has basically the same menu - OK if you eat burgers and such. I will try Blakeslee Inn the menu looks good and will try Louie's Prime which was also recommended. Did you ever eat at Marita's Cantina on 940? I am wondering if it is the same owner as the one that used to be in Ft. Wash. which was not good. What places were you considering on future trips?

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        We were thinking of the ones doxiemom recommends below (Kelly's Pub is in Lansford, between Tamaqua and Jim Thorpe) plus, closer to Lake Harmony area, Ricardo's on Rt. 940 east of Blakeslee and a place near Bear Creek Village on the way to Wilkes-Barre (don't know its name but would know it when I see it). Also, some have recommended the Powerhouse in White Haven at the exit on Rt. 80.

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          Had dinner with a group of 10 Saturday night around 6. The place was basically empty. Overall was very disappointed. The high was the chips and salsa. One salsa was chopped jalapeno and tomatilla ( I believe ) which was very good. Entree was a taco and enchilada. The taco was shredded beef which was in one dried clump. Enchilada was dry chicken and a topped with a flavorless tomato sauce. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

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          JFR--Have been following your posts-- are you in the food biz

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            Foodcritic123 -- just saw your question. No. We happen to travel across the state fairly often. Just trying to give an honest evaluation, though I don't consider myself a "foodie." For example,I usually leave the Philly restaurants to those who live in the city itself and are more knowlegeable about those places than I am.

        3. Go down 903 into Jim Thorpe - Moya on Race Street and Flow on Broadway are both solid. If you don't mind a little add'l driving, Macaluso's in Nesquehoning is very good, as is the Train Station in Tamaqua, and and Kelly's Pub in Landsale. Flow is probably my favorite and although our house is in Towamensing, we don't mind a little drive (about 15-20 min.) for the really amazing locally sourced and organic food there.

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          1. I grew up in Stroudsburg and can recommend a few places in the area. I did move away a few years ago so I would love to hear how these places have held up in recently. These would all be a much quicker trip than heading to Lansdale...

            1) Saen Thai Cuisine, Delaware Water Gap
            2) Antaleo, Delaware Water Gap (I have never been but my parents love it for fine dining)
            3) Sarah Street Grill, Stroudsburg and Barley Creek Brewery, Tannserville for actually tasty bar food and casual dinner entrees. Both have nice decks for good weather.
            4) Sweet Creams, Stroudsburg for homemade ice cream, wonderful sandwiches and the slowest service ever (adds to the... charm)
            5) Everybody's Cafe, Stroudsburg

            I would also actively discourage you from eating at the Willow Tree Inn, the food is terrible. Get a drink on the deck instead...

            Friends also recommend the Stone Bar Inn and Sycamore Grille

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              Yes to Saen Thai! People do drive from quite a distance for this authentic goodness.
              Antelao is charming and boutique. You should make reservations if you plan on going. Stone Bar is pretty good, although recently the fish (if served with lots of sauce) isn't a good choice). The special Hawaiian Tuna specials are fantastic as are the seared duck on spicy asian noodle appetizer. Barley Creek recently did change their menu and there are less friend things and more healthy things and their chef won Best Entree at Delaware River Food and Wine Festival's Foodie Fare. Yes to Moya and Flow if you are willing to drive to Jim Thorpe. And if you are willing to go north a little, the Settlers Inn does a fantastic Farm-to-Table menu and loves to do beer and wine pairings.

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                Saen Thai is closed on Mondays but we enjoyed our trip over to tannersville for Barley Creek. Food was tasty and beer was good. Naysayers who complained about prices were off the mark. Portions were large and price was reasonable (think Red Robin prices for better burgers). Food was correctly cooked to order. Service a tad slow but we had seen the reviews and were being leisurely on our honeymoon anyway. Our server was friendly and very helpful, though some were not.

            2. It is certainly not fine dining, but we love the Jubilee and it is now completely non-smoking, which is a plus for us. Great food all around. Prime rib and the killer fries are worth the trip and breakfast is always spot on!

              1. I've heard good things about Trattoria 903 between Albrightsville and Jim Thorpe. I believe it's closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. They have a website, I believe.