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Oct 19, 2008 06:18 AM

Hollywood Prime Steakhouse

I'm in town for a fewdays and was wondering what the 411 on this place is? Any reviews hounds?

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  1. Never been but know it's $$$$. I obvioulsy can't personally vouch for it but I've never heard anyone complain about it other than price. I assume most of their business is hotel/convention driven. However, if you are staying at Diplomat or in general area and looking for a Steakhouse I can recommend heading about 5 or so minutes south to Bourbon Steak (michael mina) over at Turnberry.

    If you go to Hollywood Prime please report back.

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    1. re: The Chowfather

      Went last night. Called the restaurant's main # around 1pm and voice mail took a message. I left all my, time of reservation seeking etc. No call back. Went to the restaurant for my 7:30 reservation although not confirmed. Of course there was no record of it and the place was booked until 8:30. Spoke to the manager who was all apologetic for the no call back but did nothing to rectify. The best they could do was give us 2 seats at the bar. Really not the type of place to have a nice steak dinner at a bar. So we waited til the 8:30 res opened up. The least he could have done was offer us a drink but that didn't happen.

      Appetizers...the trio of seafood.. crab meat, lobster and shrimp cooked to perfection. Seared Foie Gras EXCELLENT.

      28oz Porterhouse cooked perfectly medium rare tender and delicious. Sides Creamed spinach and mashed potatoes mediocre. Too full for dessert.

      Service was very good attentive but not overly attentive even though they were very busy.

      With a bottle of Joseph Phelps wine the bill came to $384.00 w/o tip.

      1. re: RayP

        If you called the same day, left a message, and never got a callback for confirmation ... you didn't have a reservation! Why should the restaurant comp you a drink?

        1. re: Frodnesor

          So it was MY fault they didn't call back? You would think a "swanky" joint like that would have the courtesy to at least make a call back. Why bother having voice mail take messages????

          1. re: RayP

            I'm not saying they shouldn't have called back.
            I AM saying that if you never heard from them, there was no reason to presume that you had a reservation.
            Failing to honor a CONFIRMED reservation is probably a good reason to comp a drink or some similar gesture; for simply not having returned a same-day voice mail? Not so much.

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