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Oct 19, 2008 01:35 AM

Thai restaurant near Sukhumvit/Asoke for newbies to Thailand?

My parents are coming to Thailand for first time in 2 weeks. I work in Hua Hin and I can't take them out the first night. Anybody have a good suggestion for a place I can have the hotel send them for dinner on their first night in Thailand in in Sukhumvit/Asoke area? I only know Cabbages & Condoms in that area. Been to Curries & More and Face but those are too far for their first night I think. They know Thai food but only from America. Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

If anybody is looking for tips on where to eat in Hua Hin, I am happy to help. I know my places much better in Hua Hin than BKK

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  1. A gentle introduction would be the White Elephant at the Marriott - good service & Thai food which is good enough to please locals (I was brought there for lunch by my Thai aunt & cousin during my last trip to Bangkok in May)

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      Baan Kanitha is very close to that intersection. It is a nice room with excellent food. The spicing is mostly aimed at Western taste buds, but plenty of locals eat there as well.

      36/1 Soi Sukhumvit 23

    2. I too will be near Sukhimvit/Asoke soon and was wondering about a first night meal. I've been to Bangkok before and am adventurous but I know that I won't want to walk far after traveling for nearly 20 hours, and will probably be more in the mood for a sit down meal rather than street stall. Has anyone been to Suda on soi 14? I can't tell if it's a tourist trap or not.

      I'd actually like to hear about Hua Hin (if that's not highjacking this thread). I'll be there as well next month and am open to suggestions. I have been once before, very briefly in 2003, but only recall eating at Chao Lay, one of those seafood on a pier places.

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        Krista G,

        I lived in Bangkok for 12 years and Suda was my absolute favorite Thai restaurant for informal dining. Though most of the patrons are Westerners, it is absolutely not a tourist trap. The food is excellent and cheap. It's run by two older women who will give top notch service though the younger waitresses can be a tad trying. The crab with curry, tuna with garlic and black pepper and mixed vegetable dishes are just plain superb. Get there early (6:00'ish) as it fills up fast. It's best to sit inside. That way you can get under one of the overhead fans and you'll also avoid having a mahout-led elephant bug you at the outside tables. Not that I dislike elephants but I refuse to support them in any way as that only encourages their owners to keep them in Bangkok rather than in the rural areas where they really belong.

        As for Hua Hin, on the main highway coming into Hua Hin from the north (Rt-4), and about 10-15 km before Hua Hin, you'll find the entrance to the Thai Army's Fort Naresuan on the left (sea side). On the right side of the road and directly opposite this entrance is a restaurant called "Sap Eelee," but it may be that there is no English-language signboard. "Sap Eelee is a northeast Thai phrase meaning 'delicious' and this place serves the absolute nest NE Thai food I ever found outside of the actual northeast. Go here with as many people as you can and order a large variety of dishes. The Kai Yang (barbecued chicken) in particular is to die for!

        Also on the left side of the highway in that area, and as I recall located between kilometer markers 216-217, is a place called Marukhathaiwan Palace (there is definitely an English language sign) which is a beautifully restored palace of one of the early Thai kings of the current dynasty. Definitely worth a stop.

        You already know about the pier restaurants in Hua Hin itself but the largest and most expensive hotel in downtown Hua Hin is what was once called the "Railway Hotel" but is now called the Sofitel Centara. It's right on the beach and kind of at the south end of Hua Hin. You'll know you found it by the very large garden of topiary shrubs in the front. When I was last there 3 years ago it had a fabulous evening buffet, albeit not cheap. It's web site is:

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          A fine Thai restaurant is the Rosabieng, which means a train dining car, a bit down Sukhumwit Soi 11 and on the left. Tel: 0-2253-5868. It has a large inside a/c room and outside garden atmosphere tables. We always like to sit inside near the model train set-up.

          Though I have heard a couple of complaints about Cabbages & Condoms, I think it is a fine restaurant and has tons of atmosphere. The gift shop is a riot.

          For great burgers and English pub food, the Huntsman Pub is in the basement of the Landmark Hotel at 138 Sukhumwit Road, within a stones throw of Soi Nana. There is an outside entrance on Sukhumwit.

          If you walk into the Landmark and take the escalator in front of the Asia Book Store to the next floor you come to a very fancy Thai restaurant that I have heard to be excellent, though not cheap.

          If your parents are in the mood for great mid-east food, Bangkok's Arab quarter is right there at the intersection of Nana and Sukhumwit. From Nana, walk down the sidewalk on the side of Sukhumwit that has the odd-numbered Sois. Turn left down the very first alleyway and in about 200 feet catty-corner on the left is a horribly garish chrome and glass Egyptian place that has absolutely super (and super cheap) food. In the same area are a number of other Arab nation restaurants.

          A bit further down Sukhumwit and on the corner of Sukhumwit and Soi 12 (Cabbages and Condoms Soi) is a high-rise building where almost the whole ground floor is taken up with dozens of fine Korean restaurants.

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            Ok, I'll definitely give Suda a try and hope to avoid the poor elephant.

            I stayed at the Sofitel on my last visit to Hua Hin, so perhaps this time I'll explore more of the far flung places like the ones you mentioned.