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Oct 18, 2008 10:15 PM

another great Burmese meal

Craving Burmese food we went to lunch today at Larkin Express. We were pleased to see some new dishes on the menu. This small restaurant has Burmese dishes that you can't find anywhere else in the Bay area.
My husband and I tried the homemade tofu, which were crunchy flat square puffs made from split peas. They were fried beautifully, and when we bit into them the puffs just dissolved in our mouths. They were made even better with the spicy chili dipping sauce.
Other new dishes on the menu which we tried today were the pumpkin and shrimp, garlic noodles with chicken, and a falafel-like salad, kind of a cross between the traditional fermented tea leaf salad and crumbled fried falafel. Everything was delicious, but the tofu was our favorite.
The owners send out a new dessert, semolina cake, that reminded me of a Thai dessert- not too sweet and flavored with coconut milk. The bill was very reasonable, around $25 for four dishes with enough to bring home for another meal.
Hours at Larkin Express are longer on Friday and Saturday, so you can go for lunch or dinner. During the week they are only open until 4. Check out this family run restaurant. The owners are friendly and will guide you to the daily specials. It is worth going to the Tenderloin to have a great and unusual Burmese meal you won't find elsewhere.

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  1. my handle is kitchenstink and I approve of this message.

      1. re: sydthekyd

        Yeah, I'm wondering about this it's not made with any soybeans?

        Also, were these newer items on a printed menu or just on a board or specials menu?

        Dave MP

        1. re: Dave MP

          These items were on the printed menu, which the owner pointed out to us as being new. Not sure how the homemade tofu was made, but it was orange on the inside instead of white. Worth trying.