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Oct 18, 2008 09:34 PM

Downtown (Near 7th/Fig) Lunch Deals

Here's the task: Need lunch deals in downtown L.A. near 7th/Fig. Anything under $10 would be awesome. Recs under $15 (including tip) doable also. Walking distance is wonderful, but anything reasonably accessible by public transportation okay too.

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  1. Well, there's Pizza Next Door right on 8th (about 1/2 block east of Fig next to Roy's). Lots of pizzas by the slices (all between $2-3).

    Then there's off course the food court in the 7th St. Marketplace.

    On 6th St. is the Sandwich Shop, which is pretty basic sandwich fare, but they do have a very good Curry Chicken Salad sandwich on naan bread.

    Finally, should consider O Bar (inside the O Hotel next to the Macy's plaza).

    1. If you're tight on time, one hop on the Red Line gets you to Pershing Square then walk north to Grand Central Market. St. Vincent Court is on 7th just east of Hill. Both have many inexpensive options to try.
      Original Pantry at 9th and Fig gets little love here; it's close but usually crowded for 'normal' lunch hours; likewise the old school Yorkshire Grill at 610 W 6th St.
      Showbiz Ribs is a new BBQ place at 520 W 6th St, haven't tried it yet.
      Gill's (Indian) has been at 838 S Grand, but Google shows them at 949 S Figueroa, good idea to call them first :-).

      Grand Central Market
      317 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

      St. Vincent Court
      314 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

      1. don't forget nazo's for ridiculously bomb sandwiches.

        1. There's an IHOP at 8th and Flower and a Corner Bakery at 8th & Figueroa. At the 7+Fig Marketplace there should be lots of cheap food.

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            I would hardly call anything in that post chowhound worthy, however...

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              I'll take IHOP or Corner Bakery over the Pantry anytime.

          2. The original comment has been removed