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Oct 18, 2008 09:23 PM


Driving along Dundas near Claremont I noticed Moltov closed and is now Charcoutrie. Anyone know what it's all about? Menu? Thanks. (did I even spell it right?)

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  1. Here is a story on it from BlogTO:

    Seems like a very limited menu the only thing that is "cooked" looks to be the soup so I am thinking the kitchen consists of a microwave and a fridge....

    1. Wonder if they're nitrate free. I had some nitrate-free cured meats from Cheese Boutique and they were just great. I love charcuterie so much just not the nasty additives.

      This concept is good. I've been to cool charcuterie places in Vancouver and Chicago over the past 2 years so I'd have to say TO is again a bit behind the loop (I'm referencing that blogto review) but this is great to see. Stuff like this shouldn't be viewed as trendy, just a classic staple of any city really. I will go asap.

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        Nitrate free? The chef/owner uses pink salt , containing sodium nitrite, according to his blog on pork belly.
        I didn't see any mention of nitrate free charcuterie in the review thread.

      2. The original comment has been removed