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Oct 18, 2008 08:49 PM

House Of Wong in Scarborough

Having grown up in Scarborough near the House Of Wong it was THE place for Chinese food and we used to go at least 5 times a year. Since I moved eastward to Whitby, I haven't been to this restaurant in maybe 10 years but a work-mate of mine said that it's still serving the best Chinese food in Scarborough. The wife and I dropped in there tonight on the way home from the TFC game and it was amazing. It's worth the drive for us as the pickings for Chinese are terrible in Whitby.

It's on Kingston Rd. west of Manse on the south side. Best egg rolls I've ever had and the jumbo breaded shrimp is ridiculously good.

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  1. I assume it serves North American-ized Chinese food? If so, try Paul Wong's in Pickering as well. SO's family loves it there. Again, they have very good egg rolls and yummy jumbo breaded shrimp (SO's mom loves that). It's at Hwy 2 and Rougemount, I think.

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      We always used to go to House of Wong too, but then it changed onwership years ago.

      I was led to beleive that the owner of House of Wong was Paul Wong...who runs the highly successful Paul Wong's in Pickering Hwy 2 (Kingston Rd.) at Rougemont Drive. We've been going to go to Paul Wongs for years when we need a fix of Canadian style Chinese food

    2. I had House of Wong on Thursday night. My girlfriend loves it, I find that it's slipped a little over the last few years (maybe my tastes are changing). We've taken out from there hundreds of times over the years and while it is North Americanized-Chinese it's one of the better places around. I tried the pepper squid the other night for the first time and enjoyed it, I find that most of their dishes border on the side of being bland....

      If you're ever in the neighbourhood, I recommend Cheetal Indian-Chinese in the same plaza as the 2-4-1 Pizza at the intersection of Old Kingston Rd and Military Trail. It's reasonable, very tasty and packed with flavour. Stick with the Indian food as the Chinese offerings are junk. I suggest you take out as it's not really a dine-in place. The owners have tried to beautify the place a little but it's still rough around the edges.

      I recommend their veggie samosas, vindaloos, curry, reshmi tikka, aloo gobi, paneer makhni, channa masala, and their chicken tikka masala.

      Their menu items are less than stated on the site, most items are $2-$3 cheaper than stated.

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        growing up the favourite dish at the house of wong was the woo hip har (butterfly shrimps). we would sometimes need two orders of it just to satisify mom.