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Oct 18, 2008 07:39 PM

Went to Mahonney's today

They had just pulled a Thanksgiving style turkey out of the oven and it was ready to carve. I sat at the bar and bit into such a hot sandwich it burned my mouth. Not good.
I am finishing up the other half at a much more tepid temperature.

I know I should have said something in the moment. But they were having a flurry of activity and I want them to succeed. so I backed off

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  1. you're upset because your sandwich was hot?

    1. This happens with pizza sometimes too ... the trick is to put your hunger on hold and wait a minute or two for the food to cool down.

      1. it's been my experience, when food comes out of the oven, it's hot

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        1. re: chef4hire

          hot is one thing, scalding is quite another.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. In my checkered past as a waiter, I had a guest wildly flag me down across a crowded resto. "Yes..." sez I. "This coffee is entirely too HOT!!!" " Give me just a minute" sez I, as I quickly duck around a corner to murk with a co worker about this yahoo.... 2 minutes later I approach said yahoo; "Why don'tcha give that java a try, now?" She says "That's MUCH better, thank you" Gots to love people.....Adam

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              Okay I realize this sounds like a lame complaint. But I was eating in the restaurant and was uncomfortably trying to ingest my food. Even what fell out was too hot to pick with my fingers. I may be nit picking but after ten minutes the internal temperature was still too hot for any kind of enjoyment. My guess is they threw the gravy in the microwave and forget about it. Dumped it on the turkey and sent it out. I could not enjoy food for two days. I had blisters in my mouth. Come on people, that is not right.

              1. re: Tonto

                You didn't mention the nuking in the micro in your 1'st post. If that's the case, you should definitely have said something to the staff....sorry about the mouthburn, Adam

                1. re: adamshoe

                  He doesn't know if that's the case. He's just guessing.

                  1. re: Frolic

                    I don't think microwaving the gravy plays into the prep for that sandwich. The other day I asked for plain turkey dressed, no gravy and they said the gravy and turkey are mixed together during the prep and it can't be served without the gravy. (I was getting it for later and the gravy would have gotten soggy.)

                    1. re: uptownlibrarian

                      I had the Turkey and it was really good.. not too hot. I should have used a knife and fork as it was a bit messy! btw Is this a PoBoy shop that's a restaurant or a restaurant that's a PoBoy shop? Or maybe its a bar? Good food.. confused identity.