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Oct 18, 2008 05:52 PM

Fried Turkey fever

I got the fried turkey fever folks....I recently saw a story about "Best Fried Food Places" (or something to that effect) that showed a restaurant serving something like 13 different kinds of fried turkeys (including maple pecan..yum...,) I got the fried turkey fever. Is their anyplace within 50 miles of Simi Valley that has fried turkey on their menu? I am in Ventura County so I can head towards Santa Barbara as well as the normal areas we think of here on CH.

Thanks y'all!!

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  1. Tasty Que BBQ on Crenshaw does it year round, I believe, Call and make sure

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      We tried it years ago and it wasn't that good, it was dry. My hubby has been doing it at home and it is so much better and it's easy. Instead of spending all the gas to go there why not buy a fryer and do it yourself, it is easy.

      1. re: paprkutr

        Funny I went to Tasty Q and ENJOYED a tasty JUICY bird.

        1. re: Skunk2Racer

          I think it is hit or miss, maybe you can call and find out when they fry and get there about that time. I have never had a dry fried turkey, maybe it was day old or something. You are so right about it being easy, just do it on grass or have a few full sheet pans underneath to catch the oil spatter, wear gloves and have a fire extinguisher close by.

    2. Last year Spring Street Smokehouse in downtown LA served up deep fried turkeys for Thanksgiving. Call and see if they are doing it again this year.

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        Thanks all. My stepson is hopefully going to give it a whirl at Thanksgiving also if the family we are goi9ng to visit will agree to have him do it. I have seen many gnarley videos of frying a turkey going wrong.

      2. I think around thanksgiving Zeke's does it as well, I've seen it advertised at their Montrose location.

        I've done it before one year, it makes a mess, but it is the most delicious turkey I've ever had. If your stepson doesn't have a fryer yet, I'd recommend getting one that doesn't have an open flame. We used one that hooked to a propane tank. Nothing went wrong but it was scaring the pants off me. I've seen some now that don't have an open flame, can't remember how they work, but that would have made me feel alot safer.

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        1. re: LisaN

          I've seen some that use NO OIL. Just Infrared

          1. re: LisaN

            Buy the Electric Turkey Fryer. Takes 45 to 1 hr to heat the oil and abt 45 mins to do a 14 lbs turkey that has been injected and seasoned with cajun rub.
            No worries abt oil over flow. Easy to use...I use mine at least twice a year to fry and once to do a seafood boil...