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Oct 18, 2008 05:35 PM

restaurants in albuquerque

I need to know 3 of your top 10 restaurants in albuquerque soon... I am leaving in a few days.. I love authentic, not 5 stars just to be chic!!!

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  1. Check this out

    Also, try a search, Albuquerque Restaurants, for lots of ideas laready posted on here.


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    1. re: DebitNM

      Along the lines of serveral of your comments, I am seeking the best small family owned, non tourist restautant where the owners pride themselves in serving quality food for those who love to eat. I can eat seafood, heavy beef, French, creole, etc. here in Mississippi and New Orleans is just down the road.

      I am to visit Albuquerque this next week and would appreciate recommendations for the best place for a man to go who is hungrey to taste NEW MEXICO food.


      1. re: ChristianW

        Christian --
        OK - these are the real deal my my opinon. Not necessarily the place that tourists go; but really good New Mexican food that locals frequent.

        As is always the case, it is often one {wo} man's opinion and there are bound to be others that have very different opinions. I have never had a disappointment at any of the following places.

        Garcia's Kitchen - New Mexican -
        Mulitple locations throughout the city, but our favorite is on Mountain and 4th.
        1113 4th Street NW
        (505) 247-9149

        Abuelita's New Mexican Kitchen [about 25 minutes north of ABQ] on the way to Santa Fe
        Barelas Coffee House - New Mexican Food
        (505) 843-7577
        1502 4th St SW

        Duran's Central Pharmacy New Mexican/SW
        [old Town; don't let name fool you
        1815 Central Ave. NW

        El Patio New Mexican/SW [Univ area]
        142 Harvard St. NE

        Frontier - new mexican, across from Univ. of NM
        (505) 266-0550
        2400 Central Ave SE

        Enjoy and get your chile on the side for your first meal. Keep in mind that heat and taste vary from place to place; even on different days the same place's intensity can vary. Eat up and ENJOY!!

    2. Pappadeaux for seafood anywhere! Wecks for breakfasts. And maybe Sadies. Sadies is excellent Mexican Restaurant

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      1. re: susantyconley

        With all due respect, susan, "best seafood anywhere" is nowhere to be found in ABQ. [IMHO the best seafood is that which is consumed overlooking the waters from where it lived.]

        I love ABQ and appreciate the variety of restaurants in town. But I cannot imagine a vistor requesting "authentic" cuisine would want to eat at Pappadeux, which can be found all across the country.

        There is so much local and true to New Mexico cuisine -- there are many on the link I posted.

        1. re: DebitNM

          Here I thought Susan was being ironic . . .

          1. re: Erich

            I must have missed the ironic bus, Erich. Too busy stuffing my face, I guess. :o)

          2. re: DebitNM

            I must agree with Susan. I am a die-hard Pappadeaux fan. We are fortunate to have one in Albuquerque!

            1. re: grantham

              I like Pappadeaux too. But to claim that the Albuquerque branch has the "best seafood anywhere" is unalduterated rubbish. I'm sure anyone who has eaten at Le Bernardin would have grounds for disagreement.

              1. re: GroovinGourmet

                I checked out the website for Le Bernardin being that I'd never heard of it and was intrigued by your post. Wow does that place look incredible! It has one of the best restaurant websites I've seen. Hope I can make it to New York to check it out.

                1. re: climberdoc

                  Yeah, doc. Eric Ripert is considered one of the best overall chefs in the world, and his specialty is seafood. Didn't quite have the coin to hit it my last visit, but I have started stashing for the next trip, probably for lunch.

          3. re: susantyconley

            Is there more than one Sadies? The one I ate at in ALB was notable for uncomfortable lawn chairs, distant service, "Americanized", over sauced dishes covered in cheese to hide just how mediocre the food is. Albuquerque has so much better to offer than this loser.

            Thus far my Albuquerque favs are Seasons, Artichoke and Zinc. They are by no means "5-star" venues but are some of the best in town. Frontier is also strong in the greasy, grubby, late-night category.

            1. re: climberdoc

              Frontier... blech. Just up 4th across the street from Sadies is Sophia's Place. Little mom/pop type place, not strictly southwestern, but all good.

              1. re: Lar

                I qualified my semi-enthusiastic rec of Frontier with the greasy, grubby adjectives. For drunk, hungery, undiscriminating college types it does not get much better than Frontier. Since this is the internet, we have no clue what stage of life the OP is at so I gave a variety of options.

                1. re: climberdoc

                  Roger that Doc. Greasy and grubby about covers it. I've read rave reviews of this Denny's with green chile before and held my tongue. There are far, far better choices in this fine city. - - - Lar

          4. I posted over on another albuquerque thread but we just ate at Slate St. and Jennifer James 101 and enjoyed both a great deal. Slate Street is also open for breakfast/brunch

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            1. re: jwernimo

              You might copy and paste your report here; the thread you posted on was over 7 years old and several of the places on it are history.


              1. re: DebitNM

                As requested:
                My husband and I just spent the weekend in Albuquerque guided by some posts here on Chowhound. First night we ate at Slate Street which is within walking distance of downtown/convention center. The place is lovely and we had excellent service. We chose to go with a selection of small plates - including portobella mushroom fires with a spicy ketchup (our favorite), calamari (ok), stuffed fried olives (really good but salty!), and a selection of bruschetta (very nicely done). We went back the next morning to the same place for brunch and I have to say the fruit pancakes were absolutely amazing. If you order them a la carte you can avoid the daunting task of eating five. Our second dinner was a Jennifer James 101 and we loved this meal as well. I had quail with foie gras, greens, over pecan pie and it was probably the most sinful meal I've ever had. My husband had the lamb couscous and while he was a bit surprised that the lamb was served stew style (large, very tender chunks) he thought it was well executed. We finished with a poached pear and coffee. The restaurant is very small - around 30 seats total - so reservations are important. The waitstaff was very attentive and knowledgeable, and the ambiance was great (a bit more intimate than Slate St.) If you're looking for a fun bar or coffee at three in the afternoon when everywhere else downtown has closed (!) try the Blackbird Buvette on Central -- very inexpensive drinks, a fun atmosphere, and an outdoor patio not dominated by dancing 20-year olds.

                1. re: jwernimo

                  When in Albuquerque you really should give Chef du Jour a try. Its at 119 San Pasquale SW, one light east of Rio Grande off Central. They've been cooking interesting food there for years and are somewhat under the radar, whether intentional or not. A one page printed menu for lunch and another at dinner offers a pasta, a fish choice, meat, or a veggie entre. The prices are very fair, the food is fresh, and they serve beer and wine. Definitely in my Abq. top five. Lunch Tues.-Fri., and dinner Thurs.-Sat.

            2. Zinc is a lovely spot, on Central, ask to go up on the mezzanine in the back where you can look down on the kitchen - best entertainment in town! The Fondue restaurant in Old Town is a nice change. And Marcello's in the Uptown development is worth a stop. Finally, if you can't get down to San Antonio NM, try the offshoot Owl Bar on the motel strip off I-40 east.

              1. Hi all - I don't see my favorite New Mexican restaurant here (if it is I apologize - I think I searched thoroughly), so I thought I'd through out Tito & Mary's - a really fantastic and I mean LOCAL New Mexican Duke City institution - their red is the bomb and the carne adovado is an "absolutely not to be missed can't get this anywhere else in the country oh man can I make this at home" kind of foodie experience in a diner-like casual atmosphere - the kind of place I'd be in once a week for lunch if I could. I also just day before yesterday tried for the first time Sophia's on 4th since I just saw it on Food Network's "Diners, Drive-In's & Dives" and was hoping for the duck special I saw aired - no such luck - had a really good breakfast burrito instead. Liked the place, but Mary & Tito's is my continued favorite in town.