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Oct 18, 2008 04:39 PM

Cafe de Thai gone :o(

We ate at Westlake tonight and I was shocked to find that Cafe de Thai next door had closed. In its place was Siam Smile. I snuck in and grabbed a take out menu and it looks like all the usual Thai dishes, but at least they have papaya salad.

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  1. That is a shame, we were there twice, once we sampled the French part of the menu and the other we went thai. Both were very good.
    With the current state of the economy, its not surprising.

    1. My mom and I ate here about 2 months ago for lunch. The owner told us she was selling the place and handed us her card. She's doing cooking classes.

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      1. re: njeggy1

        Can you post the card info, I'm interested in their class

        1. re: billw11

          Of course... good thing I never clean out my purse :)

          Fantastic Thai Cuisine
          (3 hour session)


      2. Oh, no! While I enjoyed the few Thai items we tried (especially the delicious curry puffs), we concentrated on the French side of the menu, and those dishes were excellent. It's not like there is a dearth of Thai restaurants in this immediate area, but French has always been sorely lacking. And now, it's back to zero!

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          Living a stone's throw from there, i'm not surprised. Noodles n'More, although excellent, was also always empty. Many of my friends also shunned Cafe de thai, since the authentic Thai dishes were replaced, and if they wanted French, they would go to that cute restaurant in Red Bank.

          Yet, Thai Thai in Old Bridge is always busy. Might be a location issue. That entire strip mall is always hurting, though the liquor shop and West Lake are always bustling.

        2. Has anyone tried Siam Smiles yet?