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Oct 18, 2008 04:02 PM

Rehearsal Dinner at Downtown BYOB Phil. Restaurant

Looking to have a rehearsal dinner for about 35 people at a nice downtown Philadelphia BYOB restaurant. Thinking of Italian or French cuisine, though open to suggestions. Ideally, I would like them to have an extra room (or the ability to open up the entire space) so that we can have up to one hundred people for after-dinner drinks and dessert.

I am from Miami so any and all help is appreciated!

Thank you!

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  1. MDG,
    You may have some difficulty finding a BYO that can accomodate 100 people.
    One of our favorite BYOs ( below) has recently moved to a new location that can accomodate 80...can't think of one that might be bigger.
    Maybe a good idea would be to to have dinner for your 35, then have the rest meet your dinner crew at a local bar...or even Lucky Strikes for upscale bowling and drinks (they may be better equipped to handle a large party).
    Have fun...and good luck!

    My top 3 "Italian-ish" Philly BYOs:
    - Melograno
    - La Baia
    - Mercato

    1. Branzino has a nice upstairs dining room that would be perfect for 35 people. I recommend that you go elsewhere for dessert. How will you handle explaining to the other 65 that everyone else has been invited for dinner and they are only good enough for dessert? Meeting people elsewhere might make it less awkward.

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        Thank-you for your suggestion of Branzino. I think we have decided on that for dinner and we are going elsewhere for the after party. I was thinkinjg of getting some space at Penn's View Hotel for that. Thanks again, MDGlovely

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          Hi - I recently had my rehearsal dinner (on a smaller scale) at Branzino and the food and service were great. Servers were very attentive and the food was excellent. I had a very picky group and everyone enjoyed their meal. Good luck!

      2. We had our Rehearsal Dinner at DiBruno Brothers and our friends are still talking about it. I think we had about 55-60 people and they could have accommodated more.