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Oct 18, 2008 03:19 PM

Quebec City: My Dining Experiences

I have just returned from an eating sojourn to PEI and Quebec City. The places I ate dinner in Quebec City (in order of excellence, IMO) were:

Toast (an almost magical meal in a very pleasant restaurant setting)

L'Utopie (comfortable restaurant, innovative—almost avant garde—food that was tasty and visually delightful)

Initiale (a bit disappointing; items in dishes seemed not to all be well-thought-out)

Yuzu (trendy place but terrible food, expecially if you have respect for Japanese cuisine).

Also had a fantastic breakfast at Café du Clocher Penché. I have written detailed descriptions of these on my website, including a review of the PEI places too. Hope to add photos soon.

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  1. I have been to Toast and we had an amazing time, everybody's food look just delicious and not mentionning the desert they make from scratch just for you while you eat.

    I'm so glad that you chose Quebec city over montreal ( I have seen your post prior to your visit) Quebec city's gastronomie is really something to discover

    if you need more suggestion for your next trip, eh come on, you have to come back ;)
    feel free to ask me :D

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      Hi !
      I see that you had an earlier post with respect to Québec City restaurants. We are leaving Wednesday for 3 days in the city and are looking for rec's. Toast sounds great so I think we will try it out on Friday night. Any other suggestions for great food experience ideally around Old Québec? Love local produce if available.