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Oct 18, 2008 03:06 PM

Looking for a restaurant in Montreal

My little sister and I are going to be going to Montreal for the day sometime in a few weeks. We're looking for a restaurant with classy decor and really good food. We're looking for a restaurant that is walking distance from St. Urbain and Rue Marie-Anne Ouest. We would be willing to take a taxi but would rather not. For price range we're both students but we're willing to spend a little extra for good food. Only thing is I'm a vegetarian, and my little sister isn't. The restaurant doesn't have to be vegetarian, just has to have a vege option. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Hi Ash! Go to l'Express on Saint-Denis. It is moderately priced, and consistently good French-inspired bistro food.

    You may want to call about vegetarian options, I don't recall off-hand what their menu contains, as I am more of a carnivore myself.

    Bon ap !

    1. two/three suggestions on St-Laurent (close to st-urbain and marie-anne), I will let you google for the exact addresses

      for a strict vegan experience : "Aux Vivres" offer vegan food, good portions, good atmosphere, not "stuffy" or snob; full of "hippies", families and students.


      "Robin des Bois" (robin hood), a french bistro kind of place; it's a concept place, where all the front staff (and some in the kitchen) is voluntary workers, and all the profits are given away to charity; have a look at their menu, they have vege options.

      the other place is a tibetan restaurant (4382 St Laurent), OM, they must have vegies options; went there 2 years ago and it was nice.

      1. How about that veggie place where the waitstaff give you a hard time if you do not finish your plate, and ban you from the place. Can't remember the name, but I think it is Salon something.

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          Spirite Lounge. Sounds like a nightmare to me. ;-)

        2. Rictitious made me think about Puca Puca (sp?) on St. Laurent - they have a very very moderately priced menu with great fish, I particularly love the ray fillet. I think their options do include bovine and other meat-free options.

          1. Two places meet all your criteria except maybe one.

            The vegetarian Thai restaurant ChuChai can turn out some fine fare, especially mock meat and seafood dishes.

            Au Cinquième Péché always has at least one vegetarian main (usually a variation on sweet-potato gnocchi) in addition to vegetarian-friendly starter soups and salads, cheese plates and trippy desserts. The table d'hôte (choice of soup or salad, the vegetarian main, choice of dessert, coffee/tea) runs about $30. There's a nice selection of affordable wines by the glass, too.

            The problem in both cases is the decor. ChuChai's is plush but anonymous, forgettable. a5p's is warm and cozy but definitely neighbourhood bistro, with black and white checkered tiles, wooden chairs and banquettes.

            You might also try contacting one of the sleeker bistros in the area to see what they might be able to offer a vegetarian. Looking at Vertige's online à la carte menu, I suspect they could cobble together something. Places like Cocagne and Les Trois Petits Bouchons possibly could too. That being said, I doubt the vegetarian offering would be as thought-through as a5p's.

            If you're willing to travel (the metro is close enough to obviate the need for a taxi) and world-class Syrian-Armenian fare appeals, bistroish Le Petit Alep and fancier Alep, both near the Jean Talon Market, would easily fill the bill.