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Oct 18, 2008 02:23 PM

Delivery/takeout around Crowne Plaza, Timonium

I will be spending a week in a board review course at the Baltimore North Hunt Valley Crowne Plaza Hotel, located at 2004 Greenspring Drive in Timonium.

We'll be in lecture 12 hours a day and expected to study at night, so we won't have time to go out to the kind of sit-down leisurely restaurants that we would like. We would love some recommendations for delivery/takeout places around the hotel so my roomie and I aren't stuck ordering in room service all five nights. We won't have access to a car, so any takeout places will need to be within a safe walking distance. All cuisines welcome. Thanks!

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  1. If you feel like splurging a wee bit, walk over to Liberatore's Restaurant. Great Italian food, which they will accommodate for take out. Even more pedestrian items such as subs, etc.

    Then there are the chain restaurants--Chili's, Romano's Macaroni Grill, and Rib'nReef--they are very accommodating and will make a great dinner for you to eat in your hotel room. Fantastic crabcakes, chicken piccata, many veal selections, etc.

    The area wherein you are domiciled is relatively "safe.' So, walking about isn't an issue. Oh, there is also the Bluestone Restaurant (very close to your hotel) and, if necessary, an Applebees. FoiGras P.S.--the hotel may provide "free" drive service within a short distance. Check with the consierge.

    1. Schechuan House is a popular local restaurant with delivery and carryout that has also been recommended on this board. I like the dishes with slivers or slices of ginger . The ginger oyster soup is good as is the shrimp with scallions and ginger (the amount of ginger varies in this dish from order to order). There is a steamed whole fish with slivers of ginger. The snow pea tips are excellent. They also have the usual lineup of chinese dishes. Their phone number is 410 825 8181.

      1. I live near there. There's not very much that you can walk to easily. If you're ambitious, you can walk to Bluestone (it is sit down leisurely though), Yamato Sushi or Baha Fresh. It's safe, but there there's will be a decent amount of traffic you're walking through. There's also your standard pizza and chinese delivery. I like Maria's Pizza and Panda King for Chinese.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions! We ultimately went to:
          Michael's Cafe - Sunday night. Stumbled across this place when we realized that the hotel's area map was extremely out of proportion and Edo sushi was far, far away. All four of us had the crabcake platter, which was pretty large and tasty
          Northern Lights restaurant in the hotel - Monday night, eh. Reuben, burger, margharita pizza and a chicken sandwich were ordered. Standard fare, not impressive, not bad.
          Yamato Sushi - Tuesday night, surprisingly closer than we thought. Japanese-Thai place run by Mandarin-speaking people. Fresh sushi, tasty maki rolls. I had an unagi don; the sauce on the eel was a little heavy and sweet, but the eel was quite fatty and tender. It was very popular on a Tuesday night. Seems to be a BYOB place.
          Szechuan House - Wednesday night, we ordered delivery to the hotel. Split between three of us, we had a dish from the Country Side Tastes (a fried tofu, snowpea, mushroom in brown sauce dish - pbly better if it were made with silken tofu), beef lo mein and chicken with broccoli. Moderately priced, huge portions, quite tasty.
          Overall, we were fed pretty well, thanks to your suggestions!

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