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Oct 18, 2008 02:19 PM

Any love for Humble Pie in Raleigh?

I'm a Durhamite/Chapel Hillian (with kids) so I don't get too many occasions for dinner in Raleigh. When I do Humble Pie has kind of become our "default" place, it's always really good but I don't see it mentioned here very much.

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  1. I live in downtown Raleigh, and Humble Pie is a mystery to me. I've checked the website before but the menu is kind of all over the place. But if you say it's good, maybe I'll have to give it a try!

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      The menu is kind of scattered, but all the items are very good. If you are looking at the current online menu, I can personally speak for the brioche cap and the mahi mahi with gouda potatoes au gratin. I'd recommend ordering 3 or 4 items for 2 people, depending upon your appetites. If ordering 4, try to get 2 at a time, and make sure those two go together, then enjoy a drink before ordering the rest. Otherwise you'll end up with weird taste combinations like fried green tomatoes and teriyaki salmon.

      Humble Pie has one of the better patio atmospheres in Raleigh for a casual date, out under the lights and stars.

    2. Humble Pie is a great old school Raleigh institution-they were downtown waaaaay before anyone else was. Anyway, I'm a fan of their is for those who are not in a hurry, though. This joint has never been known for it's speed, rather the opposite. It has a great bar as well.

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        I do kind of miss the old days. Saw many great shows there, played a few too. I wonder whatever happened to that really cool neon "crawfish" light. I had a devil on my shoulder a few times telling me to just take it.

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          I just had their bunch last sunday and it was great. Been there a couple times (only once for dinner through) and everytime I enjoyed it.