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Oct 18, 2008 02:12 PM

Need rec for birthday celebration

Okay so I have a challenge......

Both my parents are turning 70 in February 14 or 15, 2009; need recommendation for an upscale lunch/brunch spot for a group of 16 (9 adults, 7 kids)......considering two options:

An upscale Sunday brunch at Cafe Fleuri, Aujourd'hui or Meritage (BHH)......but wonder if
kids are welcome and made to feel comfortable.

or trying to get a private dining room for either Saturday lunch (it's 2/14--Valentine's Day) or Sunday brunch 2/15 at

Harvest, Henrietta's, Sel de la Terre or Upstairs on the Square.

My parents like fine dining (although nothing too adventurous) some of the kids are pretty adventurous, but 1-2 are need basic fare. Want excellent serve but a place that will make us
comfortable in spite of the kids.

Thanks for your advice.

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  1. I have had brunch at Aujourd'hui, and in all honestly, I did not feel that it was worth the price -- definitely inferior to Four Seasons in other cities. Henrietta's would get my vote.

    1. I think any outing with seven kids requires a seperate dining area and the new Sel de la Terre on Boylston might meet your needs. The other location also has a nice private space but it is much larger and they may not want to reserve it on Valentines Day. Most younger kids are not into brunch, so I suggest lunch no mater where you end up.

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        I also like the new Sel de la Terre which has a perfect private room. However, they serve a brunch menu on Sat/Sun. Check out the menu here: