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Scottsdale Farmers' Markets

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Woke up this morning to a flyer on the door about two new farmers' markets coming to Old Town Scottsdale. One is the Old Town Farmers' Market on Saturdays starting November 1 and the other in the Craftsman Court Go Green Street Market on Sundays starting January 18. I checked the website for more info on vendors (http://www.arizonafarmersmarkets.com/) but no luck. Anyone have any ideas on who might be there? Really excited about the growth of farmers' markets!!

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  1. Bob McLendon, of McLendon Farms - excellent, fresh organic produce is the vendor for the Old Town Farmers Market (Brown and 1st Ave) -- that is what one of his employees told me at his weekly Wednesday Town and Country Plaza Farmer's Market. It's also listed on the latest issue of Edible Phoenix.