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Oct 18, 2008 01:30 PM

Mama's Meatballs?

I am going to make a huge pot of meatballs for an upcoming Halloween party. I did a test run yesterday making Frankie's Meatballs. I liked them, but they lacked a bit of zest (maybe needed some onion, more parsley or red pepper flakes). In any event, I am going to make a small batch of Mama's Meatballs from Rocco Dispirito. This recipe has onions, more parsley and some red pepper flakes, so it looks like it might be tasty.

Has anyone tried this recipe?


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  1. My meatballs never have onion in them, just lots of finely chopped, fresh garlic, chopped fresh basil, grated parmesan -- of course, bread, eggs, s & p.

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    1. re: walker

      Ditto, walker. Everything else is, IMHO, gilding the lily.

      1. re: roxlet

        I love love love onions in my meatballs.

        I really like the Rao's recipe, too. Tweaked it a little bit this last time and used veal, pork and beef and they were the best yet. I also don't use any bread/filler to accomodate my Atkins'ing SO.

        1. re: tallullah

          The meatballs were much better with the sauce. Without the sauce they were a little flat, that is why I was thinking a little onion, red pepper and/or more parsley was needed.

    2. Sicillian meatballs, hands down the best meatball recipe ever. Better than my Sicillian mother and grandmother's - i'm not kidding you. The difference? First off, they use italian sausage instead of the typical beef/pork/veal blend. Second, they add a small amount of currant for a VERY subtle sweetness that is nearly undectable. Third, the toasted pine nuts are a nice touch, and Fourth, they are baked and far better than any pan-fried meatball I've ever had. After baking, plob them in your homemade sauce and I'm promise you, you and anyone that tries them will be in heaven. Here's a link:

      Incidentally, I always put onions in my meatballs and my sauce. Oh, and Mama always used Locatelli pecorino romano in place of parm. A bit more tang!

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        i have made mama's meatballs before and they were very tasty. although i didn't use the red pepper flakes because it was in the sauce the use.

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          Just to clarify, when I said "mama" I meant my mama. :)

        2. adding onions, carrots, peppers, any vegetable to a meatball makes it a meatloaf rolled into a ball.

          garlic, romano, salt, pepper, 1 egg, and very, very little seasoned crumb. thats it. slow cooked, allowed to rest in the sauce and then gently re-warmed. good stuff!

          1. i haven't tried rocco's momma's meatballs, but i love my mom's meatballs (not italian, but very tasty indeed):

            1. Good validation here for my meatball recipe. I always use onions, even just dried minced ones. Also use Locatelli romano, more flavor than parm.