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Oct 18, 2008 12:59 PM

Central MA Restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner


Looking for some recommendations on restaurants serving Thanksgiving dinner in Central MA / Worcester area.

My in-laws relocated here and have no family in the area besides us so; we usually go out. Unfortunately we haven't had the best of luck as of late and want to try something new. If you could offer any suggestions beyond the following it would be much appreciated:

Beechwood Inn / Harlequin Restaurant, Worcester
Maxwell Silvermans, Worcester
Publick House, Sturbridge
Salem Cross Inn, West Brookfield

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  1. A couple years ago my family ate at the Wachusett Village Inn on Rt 2 in Westminster. It is a buffett. The food was good. We reserved a private room - they set up the inn rooms on the first floor by the buffett as private rooms. Two servings - at their recommendation we took the early sitting (maybe 11 am) and had four hours for ourselves. It worked out well.

    1. Hi stayghost,
      The Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton, MA is in Central MA but maybe further north than you were considering. But it will definitely fill all of your requirements in a warm, welcoming manner and in a magnificent setting. I just called to make sure and they are open on Thanksgiving. If we didn't having our traditional homegathering I go here in a heartbeat.


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        It appears Link to a place is a bit cranky as I've tried posting it twice on this thread.
        Here's their website atleast;


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          Someone pay the ransom and let you loose ? Good to see you're back.

      2. THIS IS AN INTERESTING PLACE. There is nothing pretentious just well executed food. In the days when most Inns are serving food from the 50' s, the food here is wonderful wo being contrived. IT IS WORTH THE TRIP TO THE WESTERN PART OF MA

        The Old Inn On The Green
        134 Hartsville New Marlboro Rd., New Marlboro, MA 01230