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Under $20 dinner reqs in New Orleans?

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Hi there. I'm a San Diegan heading to NOLA from 10/23-10/27 and I've already chosen my more expensive dinner destinations (Stella, Herbsaint, Bayona, Luke, Cochon). Also, I think we're all set for places for only cocktails and nibble. QUESTION: Might anyone have suggestions for nice restaurants with interesting food under $20 per entree?

These'll come in handy for lunch/brunch or if I need to scratch off one of the expensive dinner spots. BTW, this is a 40th B-day trip in tandem with an old college buddy. We like restaurants with interesting local food, decor, and energy. We're definitely willing too hop a trolley/cab into some of the neighborhoods.

Thanx-- I appreciate any tips!

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  1. Rambla, for outstanding food (tapas). It's fun, casual and trendy ,located in the International House Hotel . 221 Camp St. It is a new venue from the Cuvee/Dakota guys. They are no amateurs when it comes to excellent upscale food. Here the food is what you would expect from these guys only at a lesser price..Hotel also has a nice bar. I'd skip Luke and do apps only (their best offerings)at Cochon. Commander's for lunch (reserve the garden room ) M-F. Fun, good food, 25 cent martinis.Thanks for coming. Enjoy!

    1. Cafe' Atchafalaya is located at 901 Louisiana Avenue, just two blocks Riverside from Magazine Street.

      Martinique Bistro is located at 5908 Magazine Street and has a lovely courtyard for outdoor dining.

      Cochon is located at 930 Tchoupitoulas St., corner of Andrew Higgins Dr.

      1. SO STRANGE, I am SAN DIEGAN headed to new orleans at the EXACT same time, looking for the exact same thing- hahaha- i'm doing a bachelorette party- but hey thats pretty irionic, the exact same dates??? So yes, please give US san diegans some great advice!!

        1. I'd try Fiorellas for their fried chicken, The Praline Connection for almost anything, THe Gumbo Shop is reasonable, too. Johhny's or Mother's for their po-boys (but Mahony's on Magazine is worth the trip...) Unfortunately, Uglesich's is closed as of my visit (10/3-10/11) even tho' their website sez open. They had the best ersters and po-boys!! Luke does a changing nitely 3 course meal for $22.00; go on Cassoulet night...mmmm. Adam from Oakland, CA

          1. I just got back from my first trip to NO and you won't find a better sandwich than the muffuletta at Central Grocery. Mmmm muffuletta.

            Central Grocery Co
            923 Decatur St, New Orleans, LA 70116

            1. I would head to the back-end of the quarter for less expensive fare. Eat New Orleans, Mona Lisa, Bennachin come to mind. A muff and Pinns Cup in the coutyard at Napoleon House is worth a trip. I would also consider doing some of your high-end choices at lunch. Luke does a two course, $15 menu daily that is one of the best deals in town. Bayona's lunch menu is wonderful (sweatbreads and the PP&J are the best in town), modestly priced, with a courtyard option (I was there last week). A short walk from the quarter is Rio Mar for tapas and the Bon Ton for S. LA. For nibbles in the course of the day, go to the oyster bar at Acme or Felix's.

              1. Mena's Palace - "Where the Locals Come to Eat"