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Is there any good pizza in Saskatoon?

We often visit Saskatoon and have yet to find a very good place for pizza there. Did not care at all for Vern's which seems to be everyone's favorite and not really interested in a chain restaurants like Pizza Hut although we do enjoy Houston Pizza on Hill Avenue in Regina. Any suggestions are welcome as we are returning soon and we are desperate for a decent pie!

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  1. the spadina freehouse has wood fired pizza and aroma at the radisson hotel has awoodstone oven fired pies...both are more on the gourmet side of the pizza dial but i think aroma does a cheap pie wednesday night.

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      Been to both restaurants but never tried the pizza. Thanks for the suggestions.

    2. As a transplanted Saskatoonian, or Saskatchewanite, I was shocked, SHOCKED i tell you you with your querie. One thing Saskatoon has in abundance is excellent pizzza. Much of it is similar to Regina, as in Houstan, Western, maybe even throw in the likes of Copper Kettle and the Freehouse. I haven't lived there for some time, but I believe that Venice House and maybe Salonika are still is around, as well as Gondola, which is quite good. Good pizza hunting!! I will be in town for business on Tuesday. May have to order a Venice house pie.

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        Been to Venice House in Prince Albert and liked it but never tried Saskatoon's for some reason. Copper Kettle? Really? Never occurred to me. Thanks for the reply. Lots of food for thought.

      2. I lived in Saskatoon for several years and visit often. I have yet to encounter good pizza there, unfortunately. But then my favourite is Italian crispy thin-crust pizza (either bianco or margarita) so I'm a bit picky...

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          Yeah, I just got back from a trip to New York so everything pales in comparison. Not expecting a NY pizza though and I have a feeling I just have yet to discover a decent slice in Saskatoon that i'm going to enjoy. The truth is out there I think.

        2. Honestly, no. Well, to be fair I will go to Aroma on Wednesdays for pizza and beer from time to time. I have not tried Houston Pizza so I'm not sure what you are looking for exactly but I have a hell of a time finding a decent pizza in Saskatoon. If anyone could make a great margarita pizza please open a place, I'm sure chefathome and I will come, lol.

          1. Good pizza cannot be found in Saskatoon, at all. To say, as Largeman did, that Saskatoon pizza is the same as Greek pizza in Regina is ridiculous. There is a small chain called 'Vern's' that loads bad, thick crust with bad sauce and the sickest deli meats ever. But because it is 'thick' everyone is on about it there. That's because all the other places are so much more terrible and offer up less pie for the money, that Vern's stands out as a good deal. If you want good 'ol thick crust, decent sauce and lots of not horrible deli on your pizza, go to Western on 9th north, or Tumbler's in the south end, or even Houston in the East end. If you want good New York pizza (i.e. thin crust, giant slices, cooked at 800 degrees with a little char, and few, but excellent toppings - go to New York, 'cause it does not exist in Saskatchewan (which is a shame).

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              for truly authentic margarita pizza in Saskatoon, go to Christies bakery on Thursday afternoons. seriously amazing. i think chefathome and brh973 will approve!

              and on the other side of the pizza coin (ie: thick crust, multitude of toppings, lots of cheese, etc), try Brothers II, on Primrose (in a little strip mall). Their pizza sauce is to die for.

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                gotta say VERNS PIZZA if you love lots a meat and a great sauce. It will be tooooo overwhelming if your a girl (order half the meat)

                Nachos at the place across the U of S

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                  Vern's is total and complete CRAP. It's garbage, made from garbage, for people who have no idea what good food is.

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                  Brothers II Beef and onion pizza was always a favorite when I lived in Toon town

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                  That was "sackman" not "largeman" that said the pizza was like Regina. Though they might be related or just both super heros.

                4. Best Pizza in Saskatoon....oh yes.....I have traveled all over the world and I have had the best and the worst of pizzas......
                  When I come to Saskatoon.... there is no doubt.....Salinaka for the meat lover....nice thick cheese browned on top with enough meat for T-Rex....and for something a little lighter the Boston Royal at Boston Pizza......my friends say the Mr Ribs is good for pizza too

                  1. Just passing through Humboldt SK about 1 east of Saskatoon stopped for dinner at a place called Chick Allen They had one of the best pizza's I have ever had a must to try.

                    1. I've been living in Saskatoon since 1996 and I have yet to find a pizza I would call good. There are some passable pizzas in places like Aroma, Venice House or Salonika but there isn't much beyond that. While we have a lot of great restaurants, it's just not something that has filtered down here yet. We need a place that specializes to get the job done. Period.

                      1. Well trying to find a good pizza for delivery in Saskatoon has led me to this discussion. Having lived here all my life, I've found lots of great food delivery options, (some, like the Golden Dragon for chinese, are now past memories), and our olde standby's for pizza now Family Pizza and Vern's Lite or greasy pizza hut every now and then. Are they great? Not really, but they aren't bad or anything either. Back in the day, I used to like Brothers Two and Little Chicago, but they don't seem as good anymore and the less busy they get the more suseptible they seem to 'slow moving inventory syndrome'.

                        There IS good fresh pizza in Saskatoon. Good pizza for delivery? Not so much. I think that putting something in a cardboard box, and then a car for an hour, really degrades its quality. A Nino's Royale or a Venice House Deluxe tastes great at 2am on Broadway or Central Ave. Order for delivery and it will arrive 70 minutes later and just the sight of it will change your dining plans for the evening. Likewise, my vote for best pizza in the province was always Pizza Pete's, in Waskesiu National Park, but if you have it delivered to the cabin it is completely different than if you get it fresh on the lakefront.

                        The best pizza I ever had was on Amsterdam Ave in NYC, we ate Spicy Chipotle Chicken pizza from Frankie and Johnnys on our terrace looking out over the Hudson. BUT, it was picked up fresh obviously, and it was in amazing New York.

                        The best pizza in Saskatoon is, in my opinion, found at Christie's Il Secondo, as many have noted, or at Earls, which nobody has mentioned yet but is certainly the busiest restaurant in town. Order an Italia at Earls and a glass of the Quails Gate Pinot Noir, and relax into a sunny evening on the deck and you will be very happy. That's a great pizza with some heat, and the Earls in Saskatoon is a step outside of the standard Earls experience, esspecially on the deck. Christie's is also a wood fired pizza and both use San Marzano tomatoes, but it's tougher to chill out in line at Christie's versus on the deck at Earls. Aroma is ok, the pizza and beer deal is always a fun stop.

                        Never eat at Mr. Ribs. Rather than paying heed to my subjective opinion of the quality of service and ingredients, point your browser at the Saskatoon Health Region's public access health inspection reports and conduct your own investigation.

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                          I just read this thread again, and yes, Vern's is inedible. I didn't include it as a rec for a reason. Vern's is bad. Real bad. There is loads of meat. Can't recognize it, but it is meat.

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                            Is Christies' Il Secondo flatcrust pizza? I'm guessing wood-fired + San Marzano means it's likely Neapolitan-style or flatcrust?

                            What are the best bets for heavy duty Saskatchewan-style pizza in Saskatoon?

                            If I'm in NYC, I seek out NYC-style pizza or Neapolitan pizza, but if I'm visiting SK, I'm happy with old school SK-style pizza,similar to the pizza I've found in Moose Jaw and further south.

                            Some people even miss Saskatchewan-style pizza when they move east of the Red River.


                          2. In the past there have been several good pizza restaurants. Lakes Pizza was run by the same folks as Pizza Pete's and it was very good. Pepper Brothers was around for several years and it was also quality pizza made from quality ingredients. Sadly it slipped in terms of quality and eventually shut down. Occasionally someone tries and opens up a quality pizza joint in Saskatoon, but people keep giving all their business to garbage factories like Vern's, Pizza Hut, and all the pseudo-greek restaurants in town. I'm always looking for a good pizza joint in Saskatoon. Unfortunately, I think that until this city grows up and gets a little sophistication, it doesn't DESERVE a quality pizza place.

                            1. Does anyone know the cheapest place to get pizza that still tastes good. I have to order a lot of pizza's in Saskatoon for a stag and a wedding?

                              1. I always crave a classic new york style pizza…a big floppy slice with dry cured pepperoni, thinner crust. Besides domino's there sure isn't a lot for new york style pepperoni pizza here. However, today I made an incredible discovery!! There's a place in the food court at Centre mall called Mrs. Vanelli's. They sell by the slice but you can also call and order a whole 19" pizza and it is exactly what I crave. cost's only $23 for a HUGE 19" pizza. 19 inch!!!! It's different than most of our crappy pizza places here and is so worth picking one up.