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Oct 18, 2008 11:40 AM

Is there any good pizza in Saskatoon?

We often visit Saskatoon and have yet to find a very good place for pizza there. Did not care at all for Vern's which seems to be everyone's favorite and not really interested in a chain restaurants like Pizza Hut although we do enjoy Houston Pizza on Hill Avenue in Regina. Any suggestions are welcome as we are returning soon and we are desperate for a decent pie!

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  1. the spadina freehouse has wood fired pizza and aroma at the radisson hotel has awoodstone oven fired pies...both are more on the gourmet side of the pizza dial but i think aroma does a cheap pie wednesday night.

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    1. re: robgm

      Been to both restaurants but never tried the pizza. Thanks for the suggestions.

    2. As a transplanted Saskatoonian, or Saskatchewanite, I was shocked, SHOCKED i tell you you with your querie. One thing Saskatoon has in abundance is excellent pizzza. Much of it is similar to Regina, as in Houstan, Western, maybe even throw in the likes of Copper Kettle and the Freehouse. I haven't lived there for some time, but I believe that Venice House and maybe Salonika are still is around, as well as Gondola, which is quite good. Good pizza hunting!! I will be in town for business on Tuesday. May have to order a Venice house pie.

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        Been to Venice House in Prince Albert and liked it but never tried Saskatoon's for some reason. Copper Kettle? Really? Never occurred to me. Thanks for the reply. Lots of food for thought.

      2. I lived in Saskatoon for several years and visit often. I have yet to encounter good pizza there, unfortunately. But then my favourite is Italian crispy thin-crust pizza (either bianco or margarita) so I'm a bit picky...

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          Yeah, I just got back from a trip to New York so everything pales in comparison. Not expecting a NY pizza though and I have a feeling I just have yet to discover a decent slice in Saskatoon that i'm going to enjoy. The truth is out there I think.

        2. Honestly, no. Well, to be fair I will go to Aroma on Wednesdays for pizza and beer from time to time. I have not tried Houston Pizza so I'm not sure what you are looking for exactly but I have a hell of a time finding a decent pizza in Saskatoon. If anyone could make a great margarita pizza please open a place, I'm sure chefathome and I will come, lol.

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