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Oct 18, 2008 09:33 AM

Slow cooker soup recipes

Can you recommend a soup that's made in a slow cooker? My husband has celiac so he eats gluten recipes without flour or pasta please. Would love one that's tried and true for vegetarian split pea, but open to anything.

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  1. check this site. its all crockpot recipes and ipm pretty sure she does gluten free

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    1. re: LisaN

      I was also going to recommend this website...she is pretty funny! I do like her style....and I've tried one recipe which was pretty good! She does offer many soups for mom22tots, and I believe you are correct: all are gluten-free. (HA! She says her kids will snack on beans!!! Is that awesome or what???)

      1. re: Val

        Thanks to both of you for recommending this blog. I had never seen it and found some really great sounding recipes!

    2. I use often to find recipes. The advanced search feature would allow you to exclude pasta and flour from the list of ingredients.

      This vegetarian chili recipe was tasted good and is extremely easy to put together in the slow cooker.

      1. I just recently made 16 bean soup, fantastic. No pasta, all beans and some vegies (onion, pepper, tomatoes). You can also add a nice healthy kielbasa or herbed sausage. I started with the recipe on the bag of 16 beans (I've seen 15 beans too). So easy and delish, and hearty - it's a thick soup, like chili.

        1. I made a good one last night from "Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook". It was US Senate Navy Bean soup. It had 1 lb navy beans, soaked overnight, 6 ribs celery chopped fine, 2 onions chopped fine, 3 medium potatoes cubed, and 1 ham hock (I substituted 2 smoked turkey drumsticks). There was also 1/3 cup chopped fresh parsley, you add half at the beginning and half at the end. Pour 10 cups of water over it. According to the recipe you're supposed to cook the beans for 1 hour on high just in water to cover, then pour off the water, add the rest of the ingredients, and cook on low for 8 to 10 hours. I just put it all in and mine cooked for 12 hours because we got stuck in traffic. At the end you take the ham hock or turkey drumstick out and take the meat off it and put the meat back into the soup, and add salt and pepper to taste along with the rest of the parsley. It was really excellent and warming after a day of walking around Boston.