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Oct 18, 2008 09:28 AM

What do Morton-Williams markets bring to the table?

This company has been buying out older supermarket locations throughout the metro area. After visiting several times up here on Central Park Ave., Scarsdale/White Plains (the former Turco's spot) outside of their new logo, I am wondering what are they adding exactly to the market basket we don't already have? I cannot see a signature reason to shop there...can you Chowhounds perhaps enlighten me...

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  1. they bring nothing that different from the markets they have replaced..nothing to enlighten about, common goods, convenient locations..why do you think they have to have a signature reason??

    1. I have only been to the one on Central Avenue (Hartsdale?), and although the Morton Williams replaced Turcos, I felt that there was a nice Italian spin on the market. To me, the selection of products seemed a little quirkier and off-beat than in regular supermarkets. Since I live in Bronxville, and the store is kind of far, I don't see myself making a special trip to go there, but I would definitely stop in again when I am in the area.

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        >>the selection of products seemed a little quirkier and off-beat than in regular supermarkets.


        IMHO, they have Whole Foods beat by virtue of the fact that they have free parking.

        Otherwise, they're just another addition to my store-hopping regimen. I like their cheeses.

        A Yorktown Heights Turco regular says they are far inferior to Turco's for whatever it is Turco's provided.

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          I bought some of their store-made mozzarella, and I would compare it negatively to Iron Tomato's, which I feel is superior. I do appreciate the free parking, but it is not as important to me as it seems to be to dolores. Whole Food's parking is complementary if you have purchased something there, so I find it irrelevant. Last weekend I happened to have been in one of my original haunts -- the Dean and Deluca in SoHo. Though the prices are truly breathtaking, the quality of everything is extremely high. I purchased some of the most delicious Roquefort cheese that I have ever had as well as a startlingly unusual gruyere. Whole Foods, Morton Williams, Balducci, you name the Westchester store there is nothing comparable. You can pay a lot of money for mediocre products in Westchester, but what Westchester lacks is the ability to pay astronomical prices for unbelievably fabulous foods LOL.

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            I park for free in whole foods, why cant you ?

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              Discussion will lead to deletion of posts.

              Thanks anyway, intrepid.

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            I agree. I have found a few Italian products there that aren't readily available at a supermarket, such as a brand of canned cherry tomatoes that I like. I don't live near enough to shop there regularly, but if I'm in the area I will often stop in.

          3. Morton-Williams is part of a buying cooperative (think Pioneer or Associated) and have chosen this name to make them look better than whom they really are. And, oh yes, with the fancy name they can charge more.

            1. Not much in my experience. I expected a bit better - a bit higher end. The deli is perhaps a bit better than Stop N Shop but not amazing. Personally, their cheeses don't excite me and would go to Auray or Whole Foods for that.

              I am just anxiously awaiting Fall '09 and the opening of Fairway in Pelham. Now that will be an incredible addition to our market basket.

              1. They've fancied up the layout from what Turco's had, charge the same price as Whole Foods but don't match the quality, include some specialty items Turco's didn't have, but have inferior breads (I love Turco's rye, seeded grain and challahs.) The one time I purchased a rotisserie chicken from them it was inedibly salty. Still, I do shop there on a regular rotation with W/F and S&S -- and occasionally drag myself up to Yorktown Hts for a Turco's fix.

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                  Does anyone know why Turcos decamped? If they're still in Yorktown Hts, it means they're still in business. They seemed to have had a lot of fans...

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                    At the time they said they wanted to concentrate on their Yorktown store. I am sure they got a good incentive from the M-W people.
                    M-W has made the store easier to shop in and much cleaner and brighter. I like to buy my deli products here because they are fresh and well cut and packed. My husband likes their appetizing fish, lox and herring, etc. Apple Farms is cheaper for deli and fresh mozzarella but I feel it is too dingy there and I question the freshness and sanitation there. We in White Plains don't have too many options and I agree with laylag, Fairway is much anticipated!

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                      Much anticipated indeed.

                      Is it still on target for Mount Vernon?

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                          Sorry, Pelham, you're right, where Caldor used to be.