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Oct 18, 2008 09:26 AM

Thanksgiving in A.C.?

I am going to Atlantic City from Philly for Thanksgiving. I will be staying at the Showboat. Looking for place that will be serving Thanksgiving dinner. Can be on and around boardwalk, but am also willing to travel. I will be staying there from Wednesday til Friday. Any suggestions?

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  1. The Seaview Marriott Resort in Galloway Township (about 15 minutes from AC) always has a nice Thanksgiving dinner. The resort is set on a golf course and they have a beautiful round main dining room with a big antique brass chandelier surrounded by windows.

    It's very Traditional American in feeling/decor there and the waitstaff will make you feel very welcome - even if you are dining solo!

    1. The Showboat may have a Thanksgiving dinner at their Buffet Restaurant. If not, Bally's is having one at their Buffet Restaurant, and Bally's and Showboat have the same owners and have a free shuttle service that will take you there from the Showboat. You may want check at the Showboat because you may have one right there. You will find that most of the casinos have at least some of their restaurants open on holidays. I will be down there too over Thanksgiving and checked into it. I believe the Tropicana also will be having one open.

      1. I second the Seaview Marriott. High Class dinner buffet.