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Oct 18, 2008 08:51 AM

Help me braise my short ribs

I picked up some beautiful short ribs and got some veggies at the farmer's market today. What I have: arugula, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, corn, potatoes, bell peppers, cauliflower, green beans - I basicly got everything in site! I have cornmeal for polenta, if needed. Fresh bread. I even bought some gorgeous pottery dishes from a local potter friend.

There is a delicious meal in there somewhere. Any thoughts or suggestions? I didn't mention b/c it's kind of a given, but I have lots of wine too! :)

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  1. hey ll, this photo doesn't do the meal justice BUT. I love short ribs and the recipe that John Besh uses is the best. No need to marinate the ribs overnight you can skip that but the rest of the recipe is great. Just googel - john besh recipe for short ribs, so good!!

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    1. re: chef chicklet

      Thank u, thank u, thank u! This was exactly what I craved. Yours was the only reply when I headed out today so i went w/ it. I was so happy when I returned home and saw that Jfood and others concurred.

      I, of course, didn't marinade overnight as I didn't have the luxury of time. I served them over polenta and it was so so good. I think short ribs over polenta has become one of my most favorite comfort foods. Especially this time of year.

      Incidentally, I served w/ the '05 Phantom Bogle and while by itself it's not my favorite wine, paired w/ this meal it was perfect.

      Jfood, your method is definitey ideal, and I will be sure to utilize the marinade and let it all sit in the pot overnight after cooking. I'm sure it only gets better that way! I think I could never fill of these ribs. I could just eat and eat and eat until I spontaneously combusted! Sorry, not a pretty picture.

      Thanks again everyone!

    2. Double L

      Jfood agrees with CC that the Besh recipe is the best. Be advised there are two different Besh receipes on the web if you google Besh Short Ribs. This is the version Jfood has made a few times and thinks CC is referring to.

      Jfood will disagree with CC on the need to marinate the ribs overnight. If you have the time please do this step.

      Jfood normally marinates Friday night.
      Braise on saturday and back into the fridge overnight
      Reheats for Sunday Family Dinner

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        I've only made them without marinating, I don't know how this recipe could get any better, but I'm game and will try it.
        Are they the best or what? I am dreaming of a nice rainy Saturday afternoon, the fireplace a great bottle of wine, and John Besh beef short ribs. Happy happy happy...this is a favorite.

        1. re: chef chicklet


          Here's the difference as jfood sees it. The flavor of the wine seems to permeate the ribs. When you bite into them they seem to have a more rich, embedded flavor near the surface of the rib.

          They are already on the schedule to make the second week in November.

          1. re: jfood

            Do you stick to recipe using the wine he suggests for the marinade?
            Second week in November sounds about perfect for us too, been thinking about this dish all summer.

            Polenta or pasta, polenta or pasta....

            You know I was just checking. I printed the recipe and have it somewhere, but quickly wanted to check it out so I looked at the Esquire recipe, that might be the one I used..anyway. I noticed that I do another thing differently. I lightly floured the ribs and then brown them Looking at his photo, his are very dark, which must be from the wine marinade? The first time I made this I accidentally added 2 cups of diced celery instead of 1/2 cup, it still was so good I made it again and again..
            This photo is not very good, and it is a shot of the left overs the next day.

        2. re: jfood

          I do not have a dutch oven but do have a large crockpot and an 8 qt pressure cooker. It seems Besh is just simmering on the stove? Is it best made long simmered (ie I could switch to the crockpot on low) or could I adapt to pressure cooker for a shorter cooking time?

          Does everyone use his recommended sides too or just the short ribs? I am thinking about serving over Anson Mills grits, although I do have one 12 oz bag of their polenta but not sure that is enough for 6 people ... not sure about the root vegetables, I will prepare everything in advance but those don't really do it for me. Maybe I'll do collards.

          1. re: Dax

            jfood does not braise the ribs on the stove but in the oven.

            Wrt sides, since they are served the following day from the braise, plenty of time to sit back and think. Favorite of the family is garlic roasted mashed potatoes.

            1. re: jfood

              Hmmm since I do not have a dutch oven I will have to improvise. Thanks,.

        3. The John Besh recipe posted by others sounds good.

          I just wanted to add that with the ingredients you bot, you could make a nice salad side by making croutons from the butternut squash or sweet potatotes and a French balsamic dressing.

          I made croutons from a butternut squash, but I think you can also use the sweet potato in the same way - it would just be a tad sweeter.

          I cubed and steamed the butternut squash to not quite fork tender - cool. Toss in bowl with sprinkling of olive oil and salt (can be seasoned salt for a nice variation if you want - like Lawry's or something.) Spread single layer on baking sheet and broil to golden brown, stir and again to broil other side of cubes. Done. Sprinkle again with a little salt.

          Then toss some arugula, corn nuggets, diced red pepper lightly with a French vinaigrette made with the sweetest balsamic vinegar you can find (I used Bistro Blends heirloom balsamic) (not the standard white wine vinegar), add a dash of herbes de provence, seasoned salt - then add butternut squash croutons and toass again, then fresh ground pepper on top.

          The only thing with this is that the butternut squash croutons need to be used immediately - just after cooling from the broiler. It's not a bread crouton, but has the staying power of a little longer than a french fry.

          Dressing (best made the day ahead but okay instantly)
          One teaspoon of dry mustard
          1/4 tsp herbes de provence
          a pinch of salt (Lawry's seasoned salt good here)
          2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar

          Mix together with a fork

          add 3 tablespoons oil

          Beat together again

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          1. re: kc girl

            These squash croutons sound heavenly! As does the dressing. I didn't have the time to try it tonight, but you can rest assured that I will try it in the near future - yum. Did u come up w/ these all by yourself? Great idea, really.

          2. Here is Alton Brown's short rib cooking method (this particular recipe is for beef stew, but you can use the method for any short rib recipe). I've tried it, and really like it.


            1. Lynn, check out this recent thread all about braising short ribs:

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              1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                Thanks Caitlin, I checked that thread prior to my post. Nothing struck my fancy. But then I didn't click on Jfood's link. Had I, I could've saved us all this time. But then I wouldn't of had several rec's for the John Besh recipe AND I wouldn't have learned of those lovely squash croutons that kc girl suggested. :-)