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Oct 18, 2008 08:44 AM

Lincoln Center Restaurants

We're taking my mom to a play at Lincoln Center for her 80th birthday and I want to take
her to dinner beforehand. I'm looking to take her to somewhere a little special, but
the usual four star raves from Telepan and Gabrielle's to 'Cesca and Bar Bouloud
are too expensive and well, not to be a food snob, my parents just won't appreciate them.
To complicate things, my 10 year old will be joining us, whose taste runs to penne pomodoro and
french fries. Any suggestions? My mom loves ravioli and chocolate.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. it's an easy walk to landmarc at the time warner cernter (or one stop on the 1 train), one of my go-to spots for picky eaters or groups with very diverse tastes. there are interesting menu items like boudin noir (my fave), crispy sweetbreads, roasted bone marrow for the more adventurous among you. they also have a surprisingly good skirt steak and pork chop with apples. there are nightly pasta specials (no ravioli, though, sorry) for your mom and 10 year old, as well as french fries, of course. they have a really nice dessert sampler that includes a nutella eclair, chocolate mousse, blueberry crumble, lemon tart, creme brulee. they may also bring your 10 year old a giant cotton candy cone.

    the downsides: it's loud, the prices might still be too high, the food is not the best you'll find in the city (but it's a solid bet).

    dinner menu here:

    btw, not that i recommend cesca (the food and style of service are not for me), but they do have a $31 three course pre-theatre menu that could fall within your preferred price range.

    1. I would recommend a place that's directly across from Lincoln Center. It's called Cafe Fiorello. It's kid-friendly and your mom will also like the atmosphere. Everytime I've been the food and the service have been great and the prices are reasonable.

      I think it's a perfect fit.

      1. O'Neal's on 64th might be your best bet. Across the street from LC and they have a kids' menu.