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Oct 18, 2008 07:52 AM

The Speckled Door, New Rochelle closes...

There is a for sale sign in the window on Main St. This one did not last very long at all...

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  1. suprise, suprise.......let's open up an irish pub in the middle of a predominantly latino area.....what a brilliant idea...!

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    1. re: southlake

      Yikes, and I never got there at all.

      Too bad, it was supposed to be good.

    2. Very disappointing, food was very good and reasonable and with all the new condos you'd think it would have been huge success. It was needed - too many of same ethnic type foods - mexican, italian, chinese, etc. It was great change.

      1. I heard it was an excellent pub, but I never made it there. It was owned by some people who used to work for Sherwoods and it was supposed to be better. But they never got the word out. Bad location, too.

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        1. re: pobo

          There are no 'good' locations in New Rochelle. I just don't think downtown New Rochelle when it comes to dining.

          Too bad. I'm sure it'll be a cold day before another Irish pub comes to Westchester. We just can't have enough 'small plates' these days.

        2. It's too bad; I would stop there about once a month. Food was good drinks were also. It was a good place to watch a game. They had really good wings, good burgers/sandwiches and interesting entree specials. The place must of cost them a lot to build, the wood work and bar were top notch.