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Oct 18, 2008 07:43 AM

Small Plates at the Strip Club - MSP

Last night we went to the Strip Club in St. Paul ( for the first time. Overall, we loved it. The cocktails were really good. We were excited about this part especially since we have been looking for someplace with nice cocktails since we moved from Boston in the spring. For more on that see the following posts:

We called ahead for a reservation for 4 at 8:30 and I was definitely glad that we had called for a reservation because it was quite crowded when we first got there. Since it was so packed, our waiter was crazy busy at first but very nice about it. As we started looking at the menu to order a few small plates as starters we were having a terrible time deciding what to order so we ended up deciding to skip the entrees this time and just get all of the small plates (16 in all) except the french fries - since were were getting the poutine fries. Our waiter loved this idea and said he would just bring them out as they were ready (this led to the only significant problem of the evening - they all became ready much closer in time than we expected or I think he expected such that we totally ran out of space on our table for all of the plates and a couple of things were not quite as hot when I tasted them as might have been desired such that if you try ordering all of the small plates, I would recommend specifically stating that you want them staggered). I totally love variety and trying as many things as possible when I go out to eat so this was perfect. A few of the highlights included:

Devil's Eggs - curried deviled eggs with just the right amount of spice

Wild Rice Crepe - filled with ham, camembert and other deliciousness - topped with a mushroom based sauce that made the dish nicely earthy

Fritatta - it was the homemade sausage that made this dish

Meat on a stick - the best corn dogs ever - thousand hills beef hot dog base and served with awesome red cabbage slaw

Small order of Swedish Meatballs - okay, I did not actually get to try the meatballs because they were gone before I could reach for the plate, but the last little bit of the sauce was the perfect balance of savory and sweet

Shrimp scampi - perfectly cooked shrimp - one person thought they did not like shrimp and went back for another after trying the first one

Duck confit - served with arugula and a roasted peach slice - again a nice balance of sweet and salty

I also liked that the chef came over and talked to us. He told us about a few of their "speakeasy" off menu things that they make sometimes. They sound great and we will totally have to go back and try in the near future.

We topped off the evening by splitting a couple of desserts, the chocolate brownie and the "individual sized" apple pie. The crust on the apple pie was great and our friends really liked the brownie, especially with the dulce de leche that came on the side.

I am definitely planning to try to go back in the near future.

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  1. Thanks for the enthusiastic post. I recently moved here too and find myself wishing I'll find new favorites as I sulk over the loss of the old ones. I will try this place.

    1. Thank you for the review. We are planning on going to this restaurant to celebrate my husband's birthday and I enjoyed your report.

      1. We like the Strip Club. Went there for my birthday on October 15.

        We had the duck confit, wild rice crepe with camembert, mushrooms, and walnuts, and salumi platter with crucolo, striatta, and clover honey. All tasty.

        I enjoyed pork shoulder confit for an entree that was served with roasted peppers, potatoes, pomegranate, walnuts, crème fraiche. The pomegranate added an interesting pop to the dish. I had a glass of Casa Solar Tempranillo.

        My husband ate an entire bone-in ribeye. He had a glass of Boomtown Cabernet Sauvignon. He also loves the NY Strip with Northern Lights bleu and scallions at the Strip Club.

        We also had the apple pie for dessert, which was served with Ike's ginger ice cream.

        Very good cocktails. Aaron Johnson made sure to bring an awesome Manhattan and Old Fashioned to the menu. They also brew their own ginger beer.

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        1. re: Reetsyburger

          I enjoyed your report, thanks!
          Was the bone-in ribeye a special? I thought they only offered the NY Strip.

          1. re: LizzieB_MSP

            It was a special last week. I had it as well (on a different night).

        2. We were back at the Strip Club again tonight with a few friends for some drinks and what was supposed to be a few snacks (but turned into pretty much a whole dinner's worth of food). I just wanted to give a heads up that at least right now they have cassoulet on their menu right now and it was absolutely delicious nice and salty beans, perfectly cooked with delicious sausage and duck confit... As before, the service was great as were the drinks and the other nibbles we tried, but this was my favorite of the evening.

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            Good to know! We're heading back there next week for our third visit. It's become our favorite local place.

          2. jfood gave his seal of approval to the Strip Club and wrote this review.


            Great steak, but go for it naked.