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Oct 18, 2008 01:03 AM

Do flat screen tvs really need to be everywhere?

And I do mean everywhere! Went with my male friend to a newly opened restaurant this afternoon and he told me that cnn was running two inches from his face at eye level above the urinal. Is this really necessary? Is this the norm among newer restaurants?

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  1. Bombarded by Technology and 'Ads' everywhere?
    I'm from the Carribean, and I cherish that 'info-free enviroment' when I'm back home. But yes, it does seem like that's becoming the Norm. I went to a Movie theatre in Union Square that has ads right above the Urinal! Even in the most Private of moments, you can't avoid the "Sell". Nowadays there's an onslaught of unwanted/unwelcome info wherever you turn.

    1. Didn't we basically do this a month ago? The Eating meals with the TV on thread -

      Clearly, TVs are being more and more prevalent.

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        Well this one isn't about Eating with the tv on. He he!

      2. No, not necessary at all and most annoying...How about TVs in the bar/lounges or dining rooms with those never ending talking heads, be it sports or politics, TVs on with no sound no less...really. (I find myself forced to read lips and I am getting good at it!) Many restaurant workers just seem to put the TVs on programmed channels at the start of their shifts then pay no is robotic and annoying.
        Locally we have these baseball 'personalities' who anchor radio talk shows and we have to watch them do nothing for hours in the studio...oh, excuse me, perhaps they do answer a few phone calls on the air for excitement!
        Oh yes, I should not leave out the workers and customers who use the TV clickers as their own, switching channels at will...forget about what someone else may be watching...don't even ask.

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        1. re: gutreactions

          big pet peeve of mine!
          I am sitting at a bar, quietly drinking a beer or cocktail, watching a ball game. Someone will eventually either ask to change the channel or just changes it without asking. Then I get to be the a-hole that demands we continue watching what was on. I really dont care if we(I) were watching a cricket game from the West Indies and the 7th game of the NBA finals are on......we are watching cricket til I either leave or say you can change it. The nerve of some people........

          1. re: nkeane

            Mmmmm....does any one patron have more say than another? Tough call.

            1. re: invinotheresverde

              if one of them was watching it first........yes. not such a tough call.

              1. re: nkeane

                Not so cut and dry.

                Say, for example, you're in Boston and want to watch the Yankee game...or if Nadal is playing Feds, but you're watching cricket...or "your team" is on, but it's not the popular consensus.

                As a former bartender, I always let the crowd at the bar as a whole decide. This is how it's worked at every bar I've worked at.

                1. re: invinotheresverde

                  That reminds me...apparently there is a restaurant in Teriminal D at DFW airport where the owner demands that the television at the bar be kept on a certain channel. He monitors the television via surveillance cam and if the bartender changes the channel, he'll actually call up there and tell them to change it back. An area DJ was talking about it on the radio, but he wouldn't name the restaurant. He'd politely asked the bartender to put it on a sporting event he wanted to watch, but the bartender told him he literally could not change the channel or the owner would call up there...very, very weird.

                  1. re: invinotheresverde

                    I would never ask a game/channel to be turned if even one person was watching it!
                    scenerio: empty bar, with the exception of the two guys, having a couple beers watching a game.......a pack of MASS-HOLES(also known as boston sports fans) come in and want to watch the Bruins play the Mapleleafs. what do you do? do you really change the channel? if so, you were a bad bartender. I know, because I have been there and there are much better ways to handle those situations then to simple go with "mob rule".

              2. re: nkeane

                10 years ago jfood was sitting in the hotel bar in a small town on a monday night eating a burger and watching the World Series. He was the only one eating at the bar (good burger too) and there were two tables of middle aged women.

                At about 9PM the Bartender turns off the TV. Huh? Before jfood could ask another young man takes one of the barstools and turns it to face the table, a guitar in hand. Then he stards singing ballads while strumming the guitar. The bartender finally comes over to jfood. Jfood asks him to turn on the TV please and he refuses telling him that Monday night is Irish Ballad night at the bar at the women come in every week. OMG. So jfood tells him it's a bar not a lonely hearts club and could he please turn it on again. Nope

                So jfood quickly finished and went back to the room to watch.

                What can you do.

                1. re: jfood

                  Reminds me of the only time that the AZ Rockies made it to the WS. We had to pass on our tickets and gifted them to worthy employees. We were in SF and the restaurant had a bar, not too far across the lobby. During discussion, we mentioned our city of origin and the waitstaff took turns running in to update us on the score. I enjoyed NOT having a TV, though the updates were fun, especially as AZ finally won. I would not have given up my quiet meal for my homeplate tickets, but I appreciated the whispered scores.


            2. I generally hate them. I don't too much mind them in a bar, if I'm by myself, but I think they cheapen any restaurant.

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              1. re: rednyellow

                The worst and most vile advertising I've found is in a few Rochester, NY bars above the urinal.
                I'll have a few drinks, head to the bathroom and be forced to watch ads for the local 'drinking and driving' lawyers. I've never seen anything so tacky in my life.

                1. re: lost squirrel

                  Well, print ads have been in restrooms for the longest time, so video ads are no surprise.

                  But why would anyone want to advertise in restrooms.

                  Oh, lawyers. Nevermind.

              2. No, and it shouldn't. Matter of fact, other than some "sports bar" at PHX airport, I cannot recall any restaurant that I have dined, over the last five years, that even had a TV. Now, there may have been one in a near-by bar, but never in a restaurant.

                If I wish to eat before a TV (and I do - especialy during play of one of the "Majors.") I do so at home and put some filets on the grill.

                I feel the same way about loud, live music. If I want a concert, I'll buy tickets. When I'm dining, I want to converse with my wife, my guests and also the waitstaff. If you, as a restauranteur, have a piano player, tell him/her to keep it as background only. I'd usually choose a harp, or a cello, in lieu of a piano, but that's just me.


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                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  Practically every Asian restaurants in my city, Chinese, sushi, Korean, have one or more flat screen TV's.