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Oct 17, 2008 09:36 PM

Dinner suggestions near Southampton or Feasterville.

Meeting friends from Yardley for dinner in a few weeks, We're in Willow Grove and Southampton or Feasterville is my guess for a half way point. Would appreciate suggestions for all cuisines. Price around 15.00-20.00/entree. Thanks.

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  1. The Blue Sage in Southampton is fantastic. It's vegetarian (not vegan), BYO.

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    1. re: Buckethead

      Hey Buckethead ~ What do you know about a new Itlaian place at Bustleton and Philmont?

      On a side note: I laugh every time I see your user name. When I was growing up, if someone did something stupid, my dad would call them a bucket head. No offense intended, just a childhood memory!

      1. re: crazyspice

        Hehe, no problem, happy to bring back good memories. I don't live in the area, so I don't really know about new places around there. I just love the Blue Sage, even when Horizons and the Blue Sage were competitors (they were like 10 minutes away from each other before Horizons moved to the city), I thought the Blue Sage was better.

    2. Another vote for Blue Sage. It's a BYOB and isn't open Sunday or Monday. Reservations are usually necessary as it's fairly small (less than 50 seats). Also, it gets pretty loud, but the food is very good.

      1. While Blue Sage is terrific, as a practical matter, we have never gotten a group of friends to agree to meet there for dinner. For Southampton, you might consider Kenny's (my preference over Maggio's). There is a Japaniese restaurant on Second Street Pike across from Maggio's but I haven't been there. In Feasterville, there is the Buck Hotel. There is also a place called the Valley Stream (it may technically be in Holland) near Playwicki Park in Feasterville. Haven't been there in a while but I understand it is still a good place to have dinner. Hope this helps in case the Blue Sage is not a "go."

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          Thanks. We couldn't get a group concensus for vegetarian, so we wound up at Mt. Fuji Japanese Restaurant on Second Street Pike. Soups, noodle dishes, sashimi and rolls were all good.

          1. re: Hopefulone

            They do have good sukiyaki there.

            I actually really like Maggio's. The owners are great; a very nice family and the pizza, while different, is fantastic. They also have really crazy events in the new bar like karaoke and midget tossing (seriously). It's fun for the whole family.

            1. re: ndelson

              have to disagree with you there. Been to Maggio's twice, first time average, second time horrible. I ordered the mussels which must have been frozen prior to cookng, very rubbery. My wife is a vegetarian and got a veggie hoagie which was about 1/4" thick and only had a few veggies in it. The menu said the mussels were $7.00 and when presented with the bill, it was $8.00. I asked the waitress to fix it and she seemed scared that the owner would object. So I took matters into my hands and dashed towards the manager or owner, not sure which. As he saw me stampeding towards him, my bill was corrected very quickly. I will never go there again.

        2. City Kitchen is a new place in the old Maggio's space. We have been there a few times and it was very good. Casual atmosphere ,byob and neat decor. Italian food and specialty pizzas are there thing. web site is Also, in richboro there are several good places ,but my favorite is Francescas Trattoria in Mallard creek shopping center. Great italian byob around 5 minutes from both Southampton and Feasterville. If your looking for something a little more happening with a bar there is patagonia grill in richboro across the street from mallard creek shopping center. South american flare with a cool bar scene. Web site is .Owners are from cafe con leche in newtown.

          1. In Feasterville there's an Italian place in the strip mall behind Burger King, Lamberti's where we've had several very good meals. Fits your price range, they serve wine (by carafe or pitcher which is quite reasonable).