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Fave fast food guilty pleasure? [moved from Food Media and News board]

This topic is probably too gauche for a foodie board, but I know many of you out there have a favorite guilty pleasure at a fast food joint. So what's yours? I love the bean burritos at Taco Bell. This coming from an AZ native who grew up with amazing homemade Sonoroan Mexican food. I think what I enjoy about the burritos is the: cheap price, gooey cheesey beans, onions, and red sauce. Please save me from the embarassment by proclaiming your fast food loves...

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  1. Chipotle's Steak fajita with a mix of mild tomato and hot salsa yes please to cheese, sour cream and lettuce. 1000 calories of pure joy.

      1. Blasphemy!! Blasphemy!! And no, that was not me speeding out of the MacDonald's drive-thru with the super size fries.

        1. Double-Decker Taco Supreme
          Arby's Curly Fries
          Quaker Steak & Lube's O-Rings

          1. Gotta be the McDonalds egg, steak and cheese bagel with extra sauce and extra onions....yummo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIGHLY underarted IMHO

            1. Chick-fil-a chicken minis for breakfast (chicken nuggets on mini yeast rolls w/honey butter - to die for), with orange juice of course, to make it healthy. :)

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              1. Hey let's face it, even thought it can sometimes be terrible, it's still great.

                For me, it's several things. I love Taco Bell. It's the one FF place I can eat just about anything on the menu.

                Sonic Chili cheese conies, tots or frito chili pie when they have it.



                1. 2 for $3 sausage egg McMuffin at McD's.

                  1. Taco Bell quesadillas and the double quarter pounder w/cheese at McDonald's.

                    1. Burger King's Italian Chicken Sandwich. It's an occasional treat, but oh so good.
                      And the Taco Bell Bean Burrito with tomatoes...oh so good.

                      When I was pregnant though...forget everything else, I ate Wendy's Chili and a baked potato frequently.

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                        Hate to quash your "guilt" but Wendy's baked potato and chili don't really qualify for it. Between the two there's only 510 calories and 10 grams of fat (about 15% of the daily recommended intake) but the chili is loaded with protein so you end up with 22 grams of protein. The sodium is a bit high, but not out of sight at 880mg (or about 1/3 of a day's recommended intake). Lots of fiber and potassium, a good amount of iron and pretty low cholesterol and....well, not a bad choice, especially for a pregnant woman.

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                          Fast food is fast food and Wendy's is for sure fast food. My first job was at Wendy's when I was 16 and believe me the chili is not good for you.
                          See throughout the day you save all the old dried out over cooked hamburger patties that didn't sell in a warming drawer above your flat top. At the end of the shift you take all the old burgers out of the warming drawer and freeze them in a bag. When you need to make Chili you pull out a bag of frozen overcooked burgers defrost them and then bash them into little bits with a couple of metal lids. Then you mix them with a bag a seasoning mix and a couple cans of beans and some water. In an hour you have Wendy's chili. Yummy! If you like it you should absolutly feel guilty no matter what the calorie count. Also all the baked potatoes get cooked at 10 am and are held in a warming drawer. If you get cheese it is a mix of powder and hot water. If you get chili it is how I described above. If you get broccoli it is frozen. Please don't believe for one moment that there is a national fast food restaurant that serves good food. Please please don't recommend anything on the Wendy's menu to pregnant women! Just mean.

                      2. When and if there is enough time between flights, I have two Whoppers when I travel through Miami and two BigMacs when I go through Bogota. But no guilt whatsoever. Actually, and more appropriately for us Japanese, no shame whatsoever.

                        1. McDonald's fries, burgers, filet o' fish and Big Mac
                          Taco Bell crunchy beef tacos, soft chicken tacos
                          White Castle burgers
                          Long John Silvers Chicken Planks

                          1. Four Jack in the Box Tacos, Large curly fries & a medium diet coke.

                            Gotta cut back somewhere....

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                              aaah, Jack in the Box tacos...when I was in high school back in the 70's, we would drive thru. The tacos are the only thing I have ever had at Jack in the Box. I have not had one since (not out here in the northeast), but I have had cravings over the years...weird, they must put something in them.

                            2. I have several. At Jack in the Box, the macaroni and cheese bites - oh my goodness they are so good, I think that they must have about 1000 calories each! At Carl's Junior, Western Bacon Cheeseburger and zuccini fries (hey, it's a vegetable!). And Ginael, I'm with you at Taco Bell, bean burrito with extra cheese except no onions, to which I add at least three packets of "Fire" hot sauce. And my favorite filet o fish is at Burger King.

                              1. Fries! Either curly fries from Jack in the Box or steak fries with skins. Also, Arby's had these southwest eggrolls for a short time and they were awesome! I really should let myself indulge more...

                                1. Jack in the Box curly fries and oreo shake!

                                  1. Popeye's biscuits. Popeye's spicy fried chicken crust -- the chicken underneath is pretty good, but that crunchy crust is the best.

                                    1. I actually crave fried chicken sandwiches about once a month, and feel no guilt about eating one (although I might snarf it down in my car away from prying eyes). Favorites in no particular order:

                                      Burger King's Tendercrisp Chicken sandwich - not the traditional fillet sandwich that is squished and formed into a flat pattie, but the actually breast meat battered and fried.

                                      Wendy's Chicken Filet - When made right and not overcooked, these are tender and juicy. Mayo, lettuce and tomato are a great cool contrast to the deep fried goodness.

                                      Arby's Chicken Fillet - ditto Wendy's. Hardee's/Carl's Jr. too.

                                      McD's McChicken is a great 99 cent quick treat that tastes nothing like chicken. Their "Premium Chicken Sandwiches" are nasty, though.

                                      Chick Filet sandwiches are good, but way too small and hard to find.