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Oct 17, 2008 08:56 PM

Any good tea shops in the area?

The closer to Gaithersburg/Rockville the better, but any suggestion is good. Looking for anywhere I can buy high quality leaf green tea.

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  1. This isn't exactly what you specified, but have you tried Adagio online? I've been really happy with them and they have a large selection.

    1. Teaism sells decent loose green tea. Better than Whole Foods, but still expensive.

      I get my loose gunpowder tea at Swing's.

      You might want to try Russian Gourmet; there's one in Rockville. Not sure about green, but they have good pekoe and black teas.

      1. In Rockville, at Wintergreen Plaza, there is a Chinese owned store called Ten-Ren. Tons of loose leaf tea, some super expensive..but others affordable..they also make packaged tea that they sell in the Chinese grocery stores..I am a serious green tea drinker...(loose leaf at home, tea bags at work).5-6 cups a day, and I buy loose leaf Japanese tea at either the Japanese grocers...Maruichi in Rockville, at the Talbott Shopping center, or in the Chinese ( Kam Sam in Rockville or Korean ( Lotte in Germantown, Grand Mart in Gaithersburg)grocery stores...

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          I second Teaism. Not close to where you are - but maybe next time you're in the city you'll want to check it out.