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Oct 17, 2008 08:10 PM

Your last 5 meals in Chicago?

We will be in Chicago for a week in November and are looking to eat. We have a farm to table restaurant here in Sacramento. We also have a new banquet space which may be a pub when it grows up.

So where would you eat your 5 last meals in the city. We are staying at the Drake.

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  1. Alinea, Spiaggia, Charlie Trotters, North Pond Cafe and Everest.... in no particular order.
    That will only set you back $2,000 to $3,000. If you do this, my wife and I hope you'll consider taking us along.

    1. Sorry, but forget Everest, et al. These places remind me of client dinners for work. They are fine places but Chicago really shines in its neighborhood joints. I can't stick to just five, so here goes. I would go for the small or inexpensive, wanna lick your plate, one-off, ethnic places, like.:
      1. RoSal on Taylor Street (mom and pop Italian spot that is actually pretty well known)
      2. Bari Grocery (Grand St.) Yes--it's a grocery. Italian sub (eat in the car or back at your hotel) but remember to stop at D'Amato's bakery for bakery pizza slices and cookies or cannoli or cheesecake, next door to Bari.
      3. India House on Grand/Clark. Very good lunch buffet. The food is not overly spicy or greasy and the service is gracious. I espcially like the cheese cubes in tomato cream sauce, raita, tandoori chicken, samosas, breads, tikka masala, frozen mango dessert--all divine.
      4. Greek town: Yes, greektown is goofy and touristy but the food and libations are yummy and you'll have a good time. Love the spinach/feta pie, chicken lemon rice soup, salads, flaming cheese and crusty bread, roast lamb and kebabs, and baklava and rice pudding at Greek Islands or Athena or fresh seafood at Santorini.
      5. Head over to Twin Anchors on Eugenie and Sedgwick, a neighborhood corner bar with a dining room in back, Frank Sinatra on the juke box... a crowded joint with great bbq ribs and chicken. Fun, happy neighborhood spot. Excellent cheesecake, too. Bar's Motto: Absolutely no dancing allowed. What the? The waitresses are strictly old school too, hon. You'll feel at home.

      If you need to eat near the Drake, I have two other suggestions:
      Go to Rosebud on Rush and order nothing but the pappardelle pasta with marinara and a regular italian salad and you will write to thank me as you sop up the last of the lovely salad dressing and marinara sauce with your crunchy, crunchy bread. But if it's deli you crave, head on over to the Seneca Hotel just behind the Hancock building for a little known delight. In the hotel basement is a deli in the finest Jewish tradition from bagels and chicken soup to thick corned beef sandwiches, roast chicken, and kugel. Eat in or take away, bubula. Not a tourist spot. If you love beef, here's an exception to the no-chain-restaurant rule: go to the Capital Grille at lunch and order the Rib Eye Sandwich and tell them you want half mashed potatoes and half creamed spinach instead of whatever else they offer. This is the best sandwich on earth (aged steak, topped with grilled red onion sauteed in a touch of balsamic vinegar, layered with a bit of melted asiago, all on wonderfully crunchy-yet-tender bread, AND with a side of horseradish cream sauce. Good Lord...

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      1. re: AdrienneA

        Sure, if you want your last meals to consist of a sandwich, go right ahead.

        I would prefer an absolutely stunning dinner prepared by a world class chef.

        Alinea? Client dinners? PUHLEEEEEZE!!!!!!!

        1. re: hoppy2468

          I would honestly like one of my last meals to be a sammich. A combo, or an italian sub, I could DEFINITELY see as someone's request for one of their last meals. yeah, it's gotta be a GREAT sammich, but trust me, there are some delis (Bari included) that make a GREAT sammich.

          A stunning dinner prepared by a world class chef has its place, but there is more to this city than that. SO much more.

          If I had to plan out last meals, I would seriously consider a few of the Indian / Pakistani dives up on Devon. Most notably, Khan's BBQ for broasted chicken, Chicken boti, and aloo gobi with paratha.

          By the way - I do believe that it was Wolfgang Puck who said that most of his Chef
          cronies (all of whom you would know the names of) have these discussions. On the topic of best meal ever, a lot of them include sandwiches. Puck's favorite meal, is a sandwich consisting of toasted white bread, mayo, and slices of overripe tomato sprinkled with sea salt. Don't quote me on this being Wolfgang Puck, but if it was not, it was a chef of equal or "better" caliber - like Trotter. I'm recalling this from my head, but these things stick in my head pretty well.

        2. re: AdrienneA

          I like your suggestions! I'm in Chicago this week for work, and I'm going to find the deli in the basement of the Seneca Hotel.

          1. re: AdrienneA

            pretty good first post on CH.

            However the rec's for Twin Anchors, Rosebud, and Capital Grill are not what I would recommend to anyone visiting our city, let alone a place I would miss if I ever left Chicagoland.

          2. 1) Tank Noodle - Chicago
            2) Sun Wah BBQ - Chicao
            3) Johnnie's - Elmood Park, IL.
            4) Cajun Connection - Utica, IL.
            5) David Burke's - Chicago

            1)Vietnamese for some Pho, 2)Chinese BBQ for some duck, and other bbq goodies, 3)an Italian beef or a combo,4) the best gumbo around, deep fried gator, crawfish, boudin, and etouffee, 5) a prime dry aged slab of beef.

            honorable mentions:
            Honey 1
            Amanacer Tapatio

            The above are the places I would miss if I left Chicago.

            1. What kind of food do you like? Do you enjoy fine dining and creative cuisine? Ethnic storefronts? Cheap eats? As is clear from the responses so far, different people would answer these questions differently.

              If I had to choose five "last meals" within the city limits, I would probably choose five different types of restaurants:

              1. Fine dining - Alinea or Everest
              2. Contemporary American - Aigre Doux
              3. Italian - Cafe Spiaggia (across the street from the Drake) for mid-priced, or Spiaggia next door for high-end
              4. Seafood - Hugo's (two blocks from the Drake)
              5. Deep-dish pizza - Giordano's

              1. Writing the 9th reply in this thread I am asking: what kind of Chicagoans are you people that none of you has mentioned eating Polish? Every time we leave Chicago, we say goodbye to it over pierogies at The Red Apple.

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                1. re: Querencia

                  I might mention Polish if it were my last 500 meals in Chicago. Five? No way. Wouldn't even crack my top 50.

                  Chacun à son goût...