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Oct 17, 2008 06:17 PM

What happened to the taco truck that used to park on Vermont near 3rd?

this truck used to park on the east side of Vermont, just north of 3rd (in front of Ralph's). They made their own tortillas right there in the truck. I moved jobs and this location is no longer on my commute route so hadn't been in there in a few months. I drove by about a month ago on a Tuesday and didn't see it. Hoping it was their night off, I drove by again last night and still no sight of it. I wish I had written down the name... it was a newer looking truck with even an LED sign in spanish & korean!

any leads would be appreciated.

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  1. Saw a sedan parked in its spot w. a big vinyl sign pointing people to a different intersection nearby. This was probably around 6mo-1yr ago. Don't remember the intersection indicated. I always preferred the trucks further west on 3rd (Normandie-Western, Movil over Tahuana, IMO), and south on Vermont. Stay away from the little strip of trucks/stands up Virgil south of Melrose. They all pretty much suck compared to K-Town/Westlake/Pico Union offerings.