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Oct 17, 2008 06:15 PM

Blue Diamond Almond Milk

Wow. If you use Silk or 8th Soy Milk and can handle almonds, you should try the Almond Milk. It's new to me- the white is smooth and no funky after-taste. The chocolate is great. It's got some soy in it, less protein than Silk but less fat and calories. We have switched. I've converted people by accident in the dairy department just by grabbing 4 of them (1/2 gal containers + I had coupons) and they started asking questions.

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  1. We used to get another brand of almond mylk which went organic and no longer contains any calcium. We get the Blue Diamond chocolate almond mylk or TJs vanilla rice mylk (in fridge case) now.

    1. i highly recommend hazelnut milk (i've only had it from Pacific Naturals)

      don't know the comparative nutritional value offhand, but i don't think it matters.

      it's damn tasty.

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      1. re: dumpycactus

        We like the hazelnut, too, but it's significantly more expensive here.

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          I checked- Publix has this as a shelf-stable product. I picked it up to look at it and started talking to someone on my cell phone so I moved out of the way and must have put it back because it didn't come home with me. Maybe next time.

        2. I love almond milk for drinking, like with fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies or brownies. It's more viscous than my other standby, rice milk (I don't do soy). It's also good with cereal. I have found that it's not very good at all with hot coffee. I tried making an almond milk cappuccino, but the result was noticeably bitter and "off". For iced coffee, I prefer rice milk. My experiences are limited to Almond Breeze brand. I will try Blue Diamond if I see it at the store.

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          1. re: Agent Orange

            Just to clarify - I'm pretty sure the Almond Breeze product Agent Orange is talking about is the Blue Diamond brand almond milk -

            1. re: Sarah Perry

              Oops. Don't I feel stupid? Thanks for the clarification.

          2. We love Almond Breeze in our house. The clerk in TJ's recommended it to me one day when I was buying rice milk there and we liked it. My kids drink it too.

            1. Almond milk is delicious, great in the place of cow's milk for drinking. The Blue Diamond also has a chocolate almond milk which tastes just like regular chocolate milk.