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Oct 17, 2008 04:43 PM

Afternoon Tea at the Gordon Ramsay [w/ pics] - Addictive Scones!

OK this review is for the afternoon tea bit only!
And the photos are all here:

In the daylight the interior of the Gordon is classy and gorgeous. White walls with some gilded decorations. Pastel colored chairs contrast with the dark tables. It also has a great view of LA.The afternoon tea menu is fixed (at $28 per person) and all you have to do is choose the tea. Compared to Jin Patisserie or the tea rooms, the choices are fairly limited with Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Green tea, Darjeeling, etc. There were a couple of interesting choices such as Tangerine and Cassis. I opted for some fresh mint tea.

The fresh mint tea is made with real fresh mint leaves - not the dried stuff! I absolutely love the aroma of fresh mint (hence my fave cocktail is mojito).

Everything were brought out at once but T forwarded us a little article about proper afternoon tea etiquette, and you were supposed to start with the scones, so ... first up! Plain and raisin scones (one of each per person), served with blueberry jam and chantilly cream:
These scones were amazingly delicious and addicting. Very buttery, and with the wonderful blueberry jam and cream they gave us, each bite was just absolutely divine. The scones were definitely the highlight of our whole experience. We had to keep asking for more blueberry jam since it was soo good - they really should've just given each one of us our own dish of jam :P

We also had some spinach mini quiches that were oustanding!
The center of the quiche is very moist and gooey - a cheesy wonderful texture.

There were 4 types of sandwiches for everyone: Smoked salmon, prawn cocktail, prosciutto and mozzarella with pesto butter, and goat's cheese with sundried tomato and watercress.
Our favorite of the sandwiches were the Prawn Cocktail - fresh raw prawns with nice texture.
But I will show you a close up of the prosciutto instead just because I thought it looked nice :P
The rest of the sandwiches were also good. Great quality, solid taste, although they do not stand out.

Each person gets half of each type of pastry (one for every 2 people). The different pastries, from the left, are: Coffee&Walnut Cake, Lemon Tart with pistachio, Chocolate&Lavender cake, Fruit tart with lychee cream, and Lemon Pound cake.
I thought they were good but not outstanding - the chocolate lavender cake was my favorite, but overall cannot compare to cakes at, say, Jin Patisserie, or the ones at Ritz Carlton's afternoon tea. Lemon pound cake was pretty good, though.

I would come back for afternoon tea here just for the scones alone, even if nothing else. Knowing they have fresh mint tea will also make me come back though. It was a nice pleasant afternoon with nice views, good food (great scones), good fresh mint tea, and excellent company!

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  1. Wow -- great write up - I had no idea they served afternoon tea. Sounds divine and the price point isn't too bad for what you get.

    BTW - I heard G-Ram (aka RamJam) describe experiencing the decor of his place as "dining inside a Chanel handbag"!

    Would you agree?!

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    1. re: Maxmillion

      haha i've never heard that description before - that's funny! And actually pretty fitting.
      If it was a brand name bag it would definitely be Chanel as opposed to Prada or LV ... I don't know maybe it's the whole gold colored decorations and whatnot?
      So it's a neat person's bag during the day and a messy person's bag at night? :P


      1. re: Maxmillion

        Their lights are REALLY dimmed for dinner, which was when I went. I supposed that's what the inside of a Chanel handbag looks like at night!

      2. Thanks for the report, I too didn't realize they served afternoon tea. I usually would go to the Peninsula for tea, but I will have to try GR.

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        1. re: BombayUpWithaTwist

          ^ My sentiments precisely. Judging by burumun's excellent photos, it looks as if arvo tea at The London would give the Peninsular Hotel's Belvedere a run for its money.

          I suppose you can add your glass of champagne...

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          1. Thanks for the report. I can't wait to try the afternoon tea at Gordon Ramsey. I've had dinner there and found the room enchanting and it seems like a great place for afternoon tea.

            I'm not a fan of the afternoon tea at the Peninsula . For one thing, I think the Peninsula uses mediocre quality tea. The tea I had at dinner at Gordon Ramsey, while definitely not the best tea I've ever had, was much higher quality than the tea at the Peninsula.

            The best quality restaurant tea I have had lately was at Patina. You can tell Patina is serious about tea because all the tea is not the same price. At bit off topic, but wouldn't you be suspicious if you walked into a restaurant and every wine on the wine list was the same price?

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            1. re: omotosando

              ^ Well, the various points you've raised are very interesting. Not being a tea drinker (*except* during rare afternoon tea outings) I had no idea that the Peninsula's tea was or might be a little under-par. I think I assumed it would be first rate and have enjoyed it.

              And as for the different pricings on tea - that does make perfect sense, esp when you compare it to wines. I think... Then again, surely the price point on wine varies far more widely than tea?

              So I'd hazard an educated guess and say that perhaps hotels, for the sake of convenience and consistency, just pick a median price for their tea service and then the cheaper teas people select might off-set the pricier ones.

              Does anyone know how it works?!

              1. re: Maxmillion

                I don't really know how it works, but it makes some sense if the restaurant buys tea from a particular vendor that they can average out the prices for the customers or may even get some sort of special rates from the vendor, as tea prices vary but not as much as wine does ...

                Hugo's charges different prices for their different teas but as far as I've seen there the prices have varied from 3.25 to 6.75 ...100% but still not like wine.

                It's a good point but IMO most people in LA are not tea-savvy and would ask for the "standards" anyway, like getting a house liquor.


                1. re: burumun

                  Yes, unfortunately for those who are tea savvy and like exquisite tea, it is best drunk at home where thanks to the glory of the Internet we can get our hands on something other than the equivalent of house wine.

                  That being said, I found the tea quality at Gordon Ramsey acceptable. At the Pennisula no. Perhaps the difference is that I don't believe the Pennisula has the pretension of providing anything other than "hotel" food and people will always drop by because of the location and the supposed prestige of the Pennisula brand.

            2. The original comment has been removed