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Oct 17, 2008 04:15 PM

Village Grille in Chelmsford, MA?

Anyone know anything about the Village Grille in Chelmsford?

Looks like it's good, but I don't know any more than that a friend has passed by it expressing interest, and a review I cooked up from the web from a year ago.

Anyone have any experiences with it?

The homemade potato chips make my mouth water :)

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  1. Keithel,

    We have been there several times. The food is good, but the service is inconsistent. I think that their breakfasts are better then their dinners.

    Are you local to the Chelmsford area?


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    1. re: aholsber

      It has recently expanded, both space and menu. I haven't been in since they re-opened, but thought it was quite good for the limited menu before. I think they are only serving breakfast on week-ends now, but have expanded their lunch and dinner menus and have applied for a liquor license.

      1. re: IreneC


        I think it will be a shame if they get the liquor license, it will be an excuse for their food quality to go down. Alcohol is at least a 400% markup, which means that your bottle of scotch, vodka, etc has paid for itself after the 4th pour. Unlike food, which has a profit margin of maybe $0.10 on the $1.00.


        1. re: IreneC

          If their food is good, I can excuse a little bit of inconsistency on the service end (unless it's entirely atrocious). I may have to go up that way for lunch some day. It's a bit far for lunch during the week, but worthy of trying once, if at least to get an idea for a weekend place to stop by.

        2. re: aholsber

          Not quite local, but not too far away I live a few towns away, and work in Burlington, so Chelmsford is definitely not too far out of the way for me.

          After all, I'll travel to Owl Diner for a good diner breakfast occasionally :)

          1. re: Keithel

            Where is the Owl Diner? Always looking for a good diner meal.


            1. re: aholsber

              downtown Lowell on appleton street - this is a fantastic diner - best eggs benny on the planet!!!

              1. re: lexpatti

                Ditto what Lexpatti said. Their Eggs Benedict is awesome -- nice juicy thick slice of ham and great hollandaise sauce.

            2. re: Keithel

              Keithel, I know you love Owl like me and one of the sisters opened Rosie's Diner in Chelmsford if you don't want to venture into Lowell - it's much smaller but just as great. I believe they do a nice lunch too (they are in Vinyl Square).

              Have you done the Glenview yet?, awesome menu, casual - not sure if they are open for lunch.

              1. re: lexpatti

                I've been to Rosie's a few times, but I just like the atmosphere of Owl better. After all, it's actually in a dining car :)

                I've also been to Glenview (grill I presume you mean -- near the rt 4 rotary) -- tons tons of choices, definitely a local joint that's been around forever. Good food too :)
                atmosphere is hrm.. catering more toward and older crowd... homey. But it's good!

                1. re: lexpatti

                  Just posted on Rosie's Diner in N. Chelmsford minutes ago on the Boston Board. Not bad, just not a repeat.