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Oct 17, 2008 04:14 PM

Worried for Ortega 120

I have been so excited about Ortega 120 since they opened. mmmmm, too many favorites to describe in detail right now! The prices are high, but I thought they were worth it ... until recently.

Lately, ever since they are becoming increasingly busy and more popular, I'm finding that their service is becoming both hasty, negligent, and borderline rude.

We went last night with family visiting from out of town. When we were seated, the table was only partially set (some of us missing silverwear etc). We ordered an appetizer to share. They mistakenly served that to another table who of course said "we didn't order that." The busser returned the dish to the kitchen. Our server came out later with the dish (the same one that had gone to the other table and then been sitting in the kitchen for 10 minutes) to say "This was served to another table and then returned to the kitchen, you're entrees are almost up, so I won't charge you for this." (cold, soggy, no thanks! ... Oh and guess what ... the appetizer was on the bill at the end! grrrr)

The bussers are overly aggressive, clearing plates before the group was finished ... making us feel like we were in their way, and we needed to leave quickly to make room for the next round of waiting diners.

I'm also finding the (female) owner's attitude to be increalingly conceited and self-important. Advice to her ... if you are going to walk around to greet people in your restaurant, please try to be warm and welcoming and not braggish. If an owner decides to greet guests at their tables, it should be done in a way to make people feel welcomed and make it a place they want to stay ... but then her staff is bumbling around her, rushing you out the door. Her attitude (and prices) are so inconsistent with their "Chili's" style service. The food can stand alone for only so long.
I'm sorry to complain so much. I truly am worried for them.

I may miss the classic impala margarita (oh, and the pomegranate-ginger margarita)and the tuna crudo (and the lamb shank, and their perfect carnitas, and, and, and.. ) but I think I'll take a break for a while and see if they figure it all out.

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  1. yeah, i sort of get that vibe and it bums me out a little bit, considering it's one of the new cool places in my neighborhood.

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      Is this the place and PCH in Redondo? I was thinking of giving it a try, but not with service like that. Hey, I CAN COOK, I go out for GOOD service and good food.

      1. re: JEN10

        Yes, this is the place on PCH in Redondo (near the new Tokyo Blue). If you really want to try it, I recommend going for lunch or at an off-hour when they are not as busy and can give some attention to service.