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Oct 17, 2008 03:24 PM

Pizza Delivery in Arlington?

Hey, I live in Rosslyn - almost right across the river from Georgetown. I'm looking for a good pizza place that will deliver. I usually frequent Papa John's or the Philadelphia Pizza Company in Georgetown, but was wondering if anyone had other suggestions for pizza delivery places in DC/Arlington.


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  1. Vocelli's is the best delivery, IMO.

    I still miss NYC pie.

    1. A couple of years ago, Brick's Pizza (Arlington Forest) was getting some good press around here but I haven't heard boo about it recently. I tried a couple from there and they were decent to OK, but nothing special. I used to have a Papa John's just over the hill and I liked them for a while but then they got to being mediocre, and eventually moved out. Before I decided that I should watch my fat, starch, and cholesterol and stopped buying pizzas other than the occasonal slice, I decided that Vocelli's was about the best of the mass market pizza shops.

      You might see if one of the gourmet pizza shops like Z-Pizza or Pie-Tanza has delivery through one of those delivery services like Dr. Delivery. That might be a refreshing, though a bit expensive, change for you.

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        There is a zpizza in Arlington so you may be within their delivery radius. We get pizzas from them all the time. I like them because of their fresh ingredients and the use of low-fat mozzarella. They offer button, cremini, or shitaki mushrooms plus black, kalamata, or green olives. When I order their pizza with mushrooms and olives (and low-fat mozz), I don't feel I'm doing to much damage in the cholesterol department.

        1. re: Mulan

          Z pizza - I'm sorry to say - is horrible. My wife and I had high hopes

          Bricks used to be awesome, but they went to frozen crust and now it stinks. I haven't ordered them in two years.

          Vocelli is probably frozen crust too< but it's the best of the deliveries.

          1. re: GyroBall

            Regarding our differing opinions of zpizza, I wonder if it has to do with what we order. For instance, I order the build-your-own-pizza because of the different tastes between me and my husband. Once we ordered their "American pizza" and it was awful--obviously pre-made and frozen. We went back to the build-your-own and the pizza is much fresher and tastier.

            1. re: GyroBall

              I live within walking distance from Bricks, so I go pick it up; I can't say it's any different than it ever was, but it's not so wonderful that I'd get it if it weren't so close.

              I'd heard of Z Pizza, but haven't tried it. Looking at the website, the statement that it may take as much as 1 1/2 hours for delivery in peak times is enough of a red flag that I think I'll pass.

              I used to order from Armand's a lot, but haven't since Brick's opened. What has people's experience been with them lately? It was good, but a little pricey.

        2. I think Pizza Pantry delivers. There are a good few fans on the board of them - though I haven't had them in a while.

          1. I like Lost Dog and they deliver. I have never had a traditional pizza there, but I have had their philly cheesesteak and some other non-traditional ones. I don't know exactly what their delivery area is though. I know they deliver to Ballston.

            1. I would second Lost Dog and add Joe's Pasta and Pizza on Lee Highway, but don't know about delivery all way to Rosslyn. I have often wished that Italian Store would deliver- their white pizza... artery-clogging joy.