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Oct 17, 2008 03:14 PM

Quiche Anyone?

Where can I find a good quiche in Monmouth/Ocean Cty. For lunch or dinner. I'm not a heavy eater and don't eat a lot of meat and it's a rare find to see quiche anywhere. Also, has anyone tried the take home quiche from Wegmans or any other place? I think I tried Delicious Orchards many years ago but was disappointed in their quiche. Any ideas?

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  1. Its funny your asking this question as I'm eating some for dinner. Who says real men don't eat quiche? :) Anyway, I've had good quiche at Bistro 44 in Toms River. As an added bonus it comes with a cup of whatever soup Chef Erik has made that day (and it's usually fabulous). Although I've never had one, the individual variety made at River Market in Toms River looks very good as they are made with puff pastry. I can't help you with the Wegman's question, but I would be happy to give you one of my wife's recipes. Good Luck.

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      Please share/discuss any recipes on the Home Cooking board, rather than here. Thanks!

    2. Sabatos Meat Market, in Belford, sells their own quiches. They make them once a week... on Tues or Wed?
      I don't eat eggs, so I have not tried the quiche. But their other house-made products are good quality and fresh. Very friendly, old-fashioned shop.
      Take-out only.