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Oct 17, 2008 03:10 PM

Chinatown Question

Looking for the best in Chinatown that serves beer.

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  1. If you are looking for seafood, check out Peach Farm.

    1. I am pretty sure that Peach Farm, Vinh Sun BBQ, New Golden Gate, Hei La Moon, Pearl Villa, Best Little, East Ocean City, Shabu Zen, Kaze, Chau Chow City, China Pearl and New Jumbo Seafood all serve beer, and that Kaze, Chau Chow City, China Pearl, and New Jumbo have a full liquor license. I think that New Jumbo Seafood is the best in Chinatown and they validate at the garage across from East Ocean CIty.

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        Thanks a lot for the responses, probably going with some guys since my wife doesn't do Chinese at all, and I know thet will want a couple of beers with dinner.

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          Second New Jumbo, both for beer and quality of food.

        2. Penang has beer. Not sure if you are looking for amazing beer, but I know they have beer, wine and some cocktails. They are on Washington Street.
          It is more Malaysian/South-east Asian, but may have some Chinese aspects to it.