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Oct 17, 2008 02:54 PM


Has anyone been to Province yet? I have a reservation tonight. I have always liked Randy Zweiban's food, but was looking for specific recs for this place.

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  1. Ate there Friday (opened Wednesday)--shows promise, but needs a few adjustments. Bar is slow; needs bread with most dishes (maybe french bread rather than flatbread or cornbread bites); we liked the size options; stemless red wine glasses are too big--my friend would have preferred a stemmed glass; spotlights need adjusting--very harsh depending where you sit; too many glasses/carafes; food is good, prices and reasonable; service not quite graceful yet; no dessert wines. Nice menu, pleasant space. (I've never dined at a restaurant this soon after it opens--I offer my comments as constructive criticism and hope Province succeeds.)

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      I ate there on Friday night and had a great experience.
      First and foremost, the food was tasty and beautifully prepared. The shrimp and grits were a fun and unexpected combination. We devoured the blue cheese fondue and my ½ order of rare ahi tuna was just big enough to send me away feeling pleasantly full without being stuffed. I tasted 2 wines (a French white wine - the name escapes me and a Malbec.) Both were fantastic.

      The space’s beauty is in its carefully crafted simplicity which is accented with hanging trees giving the room an explosion of ‘wow’.

      I found the staff to be friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the food and wine. Their attention to detail and their diners was truly impressive. Our water glasses never came close to empty and every time someone left the table, he/she returned to find a napkin neatly refolded.

      If things were this good on day 3, I can’t wait to see what’s in store. I’ll definitely be back.

    2. I had an enjoyable meal at Province over the weekend. My dining partner and I had the smoked sable ceviche, which we both really liked, the shrimp grits, which were decent (not sure if I'd re-order, but then again, grits aren't really my favorite in general), and the rabbit confit (from the "big" section of the menu) and smaller portion of the lamb (from the "bigger" section of the menu). There are several items on the "bigger" section of the menu that you can get in a smaller portion size, one of which was the lamb, and we found it to be a nice sized portion. The rabbit confit was tasty, but I didn't feel as though it was a "lunch-sized" portion. Nonetheless, everything was sized so we could try several things from the menu so it all worked out for the best! We had the pear tart for dessert, which was okay. All in all, the total tab came to $100 after tax and tip and including wine, so not too bad!