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Greek Restaurants?

Any recommendations for Greek restaurants the with good food/cocktails and a fun environment?

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      link didn't come through:

      Papa Cristos
      2771 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006

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          I don't think Papa Cristos has cocktails. The Great Greek, in Sherman Oaks is fun and does.

      1. Taverna Tony in Malibu

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            any opinions on the place in the Grove?

          2. Petro's in Manhattan Beach. Good Nouvelle Greek in an upscale setting

            1. I like Sofi, 3rd, just east of Crescent Heights.

              1. The Petit Greek on Larchmont is good, and fun enough.

                There's also Alexis Greek in Northridge, but they only have wine and beer, no hard liquor far as I can remember... not sure if it's *fun* enough, but the food is great.

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                  2nd Petit Greek. Best Pita, Hummus and Tatziki around!

                2. Petros in Manhattan Beach!

                  Upscale but authentic!

                  1. What kind of fun?

                    A casual place with outstanding traditional Greek food and Greek families having a good time? Papa Cristos.

                    A trendy place with outstanding modern Greek cuisine, fancy cocktails, and a bar? Petros.

                    A traditional Greek restaurant with welcoming owners, belly dancing, and a festive atmosphere? Papadakis Taverna.

                    I highly recommend Petros. Papa Christos is more of a Sunday lunch place for me. It's very good, but I don't think it is what you have in mind. Papadakis has seen better days, IMO.

                    1. Im Greek and i dont think there is any "great" Greek food in LA. I think the closest thing is Tony's Taverna in Malibu and if you are looking for a fun environment, they have live music and belly dancing there on thurs-sun (i believe...you should probably call and check though)