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Oct 17, 2008 02:05 PM

Place to buy little bottles for homemade hooch


Can you think of a good SF or Oakland store (aside from Cost Plus and Sur La Table) to buy little bottles for my homemade liqueur? The cheapah the bettah!



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  1. sunburst bottles
    specialty bottles or
    even cost plus
    california glass but they have a high minimum!

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    1. re: chutney

      All great ideas. I'm thinking this size or smaller.

      Sur La Table had some but they had those rubber stopper Grolsch type tops. I'll check out those places you mentioned. Thanks :)

    2. sorry i should have read that more thoroughly - let me give it some more thought (i'm too tired to be posting today!)

      1. What size exactly, shot size or bigger, 4, 6, 8 oz?

        1. Try your favorite watering hole or resto. especially if they use the small dessert-wine type bottles. I used to save bottles for one of our regs.@ my resto. who paid a buck-a-bottle for them. (Generous soul that I am, I refused payment, though now....I sure could use a few extra dollars...) Adam

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          1. re: adamshoe

            ooooh awesome idea!! I actually did put some in Straus cream sized bottles but I'm actually looking for a little smaller, gift size. Thanks for the idea!

          2. What about Rainbow Grocery or Smart and Final?