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Oct 17, 2008 02:01 PM

Mexican truck 60th & 3rd

I ran a search, and am really surprised that there were no posts about this truck originally found on Midtown Lunch - El Rey del Sabor.

According to that link, the cook normally works at Los Dados, a place I've never heard of.

I've been so happy for this cart's existence in the wasteland of upper East Midtown. I go once a week (actually twice the first week) and have had a decent amount of the offerings. Have only tried the al pastor once, and decided it may not be one of their specialities...had it in taco form and wasn't super into it. Normally it's one of my favorite fillings. But have been thrilled with the tortas (have had both "bistec" which was actually shredded and the carne enchilada) and sopes (not as good as Coatzingo but...come on). Quesadillas and huaraches very tasty as well...huaraches made to order sometimes, but I guess other times they have them ready. Tamales (chicken only) are good flavor, not great texture, but hit a craving. Pastelios well, they're fried so they're yummy, but I probably wouldn't feel the need to have them often. On the upside, fried means they are made fresh while baked ones would be brought from home.

Have not had the burritos or enchiladas but my coworkers have praised them. Other coworkers have seemed underwhelmed by the tacos but then I'll see people in line buying 4-5 at once.

Not everything on the menu is actually available now but I'm sure they have plans. Looking forward to the flor de calabaza quesadillas.

Anyway, felt like throwing in some praise here...have sometimes seen big lines here, but often like today just a couple people (it was 2pm though, maybe they were busy earlier). Want to make sure they do well and stick around!

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  1. nancyC, you are soooo nice for sharing with us your secret find -- esp. since the lines are sometimes already long. i can't wait to try it! it's just a brisk walk away from work for me.

    for those of your coworkers who've been underwhelmed, do you have any inkling why?

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    1. re: cimui

      One doesn't like corn tortillas (I am not sure how many flour tacos she's had in comparison?! but she liked the quesadilla). One thought it was too expensive for a street cart. A few didn't say exactly why, they just said "it's OK" unenthusiastically and maybe the problem was the 4-5 of us who DO love it have talked about it too much. All 3 of the "OK" guys only tried the tacos while the ones of us who love it have been all around the menu.

      As for the expensive claim...depending on what you order it shouldn't cost more than Hallo Berlin, which my co-workers love. Tacos are $2, tortas $5, quesadillas $4 for plain cheese and $5 for meat, sopes I think are $5 for 2 plain cheese, $6.50 for 2 with meat, huaraches range $3-$5 depending on filling, enchiladas w/ rice & beans $7, tamales and pastelios $1.50. And it's officially sad that I knew that off the top of my head.

    2. I ran to Bloomingdale's when I saw the article on Midtown Lunch and luckily no line. I went with a standard torta milanesa, which I have to admit wasn't very good. The bread was more like a hero roll, the avocado was a little off, there were no beans and very little vegetable and cheese. But in comparison to Pax or Europa, this is like manna from the catering gods in Midtown East. Perhaps tortas just aren't their strong suit, so I'm willing to give everything else a try.

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      1. re: JungMann

        Strange...I LOVE the tortas. I realize the bread is weird but it's certainly extra-filling. I've always had a pretty thick layer of beans and so much cheese it's bursting out. I also like that I can choose to have chipotle sauce on it rather than the usual green or red. But I don't think I've ever had a torta anywhere with more veg other than lettuce & jalapenos. What veggies were you looking for?

        I don't think they have much in the way of any type of vegetables in general, so my vegetarian friend has been stuck eating only cheese versions of all the options.

        1. re: NancyC

          I'm always willing to give them another shot, especially if they have chipotle sauce. I found that my torta had a paltry smear of beans and not very much cheese (which was not melty either). As for vegetables, I really could've used some lettuce and tomato. It would have added a lot more textural contrast.

          1. re: JungMann

            Hmm, I've never had melty cheese on a torta, usually it's queso fresco or some similar. Now I cannot remember if this one had tomato or not...and this week I will probably get sopes to spread myself around a bit.

            1. re: NancyC

              I'm eating the torta right now. Flavor is better than I remember, but still not the sandwich I want. The shredded lettuce is too soft to really add much crunch to the sandwich and the guacamole isn't very flavorful. With a sandwich this big, I think they would do better with leaf lettuce, slices of avocado and still more beans. I do like the addition of chipotles, though. Good call.

      2. What time does this cart leave? And does anyone know what happened to the Taco Truck on 86 and Lex??

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        1. re: RussianGirl

          Not sure. The latest I've gotten something was after 2 but there were still a few people didn't look ready to close. It strikes me as a lunch place though, not all night.

          1. re: RussianGirl

            Mon-Sat, 10am-6pm.

            Carne enchilada sope was ok but not great. I didn't like the base too much. Pastellio (sp?) was great in a junky food way.

          2. It's really good, really cheap and the people who run it are nice. At noon there is a pretty long line. I love the pastelios.